Trump: Pelosi “broke the law” by breaking the text of the presidential speech

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Experts doubt that the president will be able to punish the speaker

President Donald Trump said that the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, violated the law, delivered a speech at a speech that the head of state addressed to Congress last Tuesday.

The President said that the actions of Pelosi, who torn the text of the speech in many audiences, were “an act of uncertainty in our country, in fact, very illegal.”

Republican Congressman Matt Getz filed a complaint about Pelosi’s actions, accusing the speaker of a possible violation of federal law (18th US Code § 207). Current legislation prohibits the destruction of government documents.

Actions Pelosi: “brilliantly” or “tactlessly”?

“This concerns the storage of official documents, for example, copies of papers that will be stored in the National Archives,” explains Ejay Merotra, executive director and research fellow at the American Bar Foundation. “I don’t think you had an official document.”

According to Pelosi, Trump “tore his rights in his speech, tore his actions.” I broke the appeal. ”

Instantly dispersed into dozens of “memorials”, the moment when the speaker defiantly delivered the president’s speech was a “brilliant political theater” and not a violation of the law, Merotra said.

“I think this is a legitimate question,” said Aaron Coleman, associate professor of the Department of History and Political Science at Cumberland University in Kentucky, in an interview with Voice of America.

This is not a problem when it comes to legality. It’s hard to imagine, given the seriousness of other issues, that the president and Congress wanted to spend taxpayer money on this.

Nevertheless, if we leave aside the legitimacy of Pelosi’s actions, then, according to the professor, the speaker acted “incredibly tactless and rude.”

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  1. Dianne Atkins

    Pelosi needs to go. She is a cancer in the house controlling all senators, it’s an embarrassment that they are all so gutless. When you have cancer you have it removed from Infecting the rest of the body. She needs to go and stop poisoning the minds of our great nation. Don’t know what she has over these people but she certainly is controlling them like puppets. People didn’t vote for senators to become Her puppets. She acts as though she is above the law, and in a higher authority position than the president. She’s 80 years old she needs to go.