Trump raises serious allegations against Covid doctors

Trump raises serious allegations against Covid doctors

A few days before the presidential election, Donald Trump talked about head and neck at an event. He accuses doctors of earning more from a corona death. Competitor Biden holds against it.

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US President Donald Trump made allegations against doctors in the final spurt of the election campaign. “Our doctors get more money when someone dies of Covid,” said the Republican on Friday (local time) at an event in the state of Michigan, indirectly implying that they had an interest in the expulsion of corona deaths.

Experts pointed out, however, that this claim is incorrect. Trump downplayed the health crisis for months and repeatedly told his supporters in recent weeks that the country was “turning the corner” in the corona crisis.

In Minnesota, challenger Joe Biden says Trump “gave up” on the virus. The incumbent should not attack the medical staff treating the victims of the pandemic. “Unlike Donald Trump, we will not surrender to this virus,” said the Democrat. In view of the increasing number of new infections, he warned of a “dark winter”.

To date, the pandemic has killed more than 229,000 people in the United States and destroyed millions of jobs. In the midst of the health crisis, Americans are electing their president this Tuesday.

Biden leads in a nationwide survey by the news agency Reuters and the Ipsos Institute with 52 percent, while Trump comes with 42 percent. In many electoral states like Florida and Texas, however, a close outcome is emerging.

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