Trump receives Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatu

President Uhuru Kenyatu US NEWS
President Uhuru Kenyatu

The interlocutors are expected to discuss the conclusion of a free trade agreement.

US President Donald Trump on Thursday meets with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyata.

Weitere Informationen zu diesem Product: Klicken Sie Hier, Um Den Artikel von 2018 zu lesen. Trump and Kenata are expected to discuss the conclusion of a free trade agreement between the US and Kenya, although the Kenyan leader in this environment will not be able to confirm that to refute this information.

Southern Sahara. Kenya, of economic importance in East Africa

Speaking to the Atlantic Council in Washington on Wednesday, Kenyata urged not to repeat the situation during the Cold War, when African countries were forced to choose which side to support.

“We do not want us to look the way we need to make sure that you can look at her with a fresh look,” Kenyata said.

Kenata tried to dispel concern over the fact that the free trade agreement and the United States led to the creation of a common market for the world. Kenya was one of the first countries.

According to the Kenyata press service, he is collaborating with the United States to work on an agreement that will guarantee access to Kenyan products in the United States at the end of the Law on Economic Growth and Opportunity Creation in 2025. This is an agreement on unprecedented access to American markets.

Die Suche nach dem richtigen Partner für die Suche nach dem richtigen Partner In Washington, this project considers a measure to counter Chinese influence.

Trump and Kenyats – this is security and the fight against extreme events.

Changing of the climate. According to Kenyata, Kenya is the only African country that has managed to switch to re-enactment by 75 percent

Kenyata emphasized that “climate change is real” and is called upon

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