“Trump remains shadow president”: QAnon’s apocalyptic reckoning fizzles out


“Trump remains shadow president”
QAnon’s apocalyptic reckoning fizzles out

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The “storm” of the QAnon conspiracy believers in which US President Biden was supposed to be arrested does not materialize. Some supporters are losing faith, others believe that Trump continues to pull the strings in the background. The realignment of QAnon could still be dangerous.

For years it was said “Trust the plan”. The supporters of the QAnon conspiracy myth longingly awaited the day when the now-former US President Donald Trump would orchestrate mass arrests, convene military courts, and command executions of his enemies who worship Satan and who sacrifice children. But at the moment Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the USA, nothing happened. The National Guard did not turn against the Democrats, Trump did not reveal how the “deep state” had undermined him during his tenure. The prophesied “storm”, the apocalyptic reckoning, simply failed to materialize. For some conspiracy theorists, a world collapsed that they had woven together in their heads.

The refuted and discredited conspiracy myth QAnon has been in circulation since 2017. In addition to claiming that Democrats and a Hollywood elite are involved in a global child trafficking conspiracy, his supporters believe above all that Washington bureaucrats have formed a “deep state”, a state within a state. Over the past four years, he has tacitly tried to undermine Trump’s agenda and to work actively against him.

Trump himself had fueled the allegations by refusing to publicly denounce QAnon on national television. Initially referred to as a cult, behind the belief in the conspiracy rallied pro-Trump imperialists, Christian fundamentalists, racists, fascists, anti-Semites, gullible suburbanites, anti-vaccination agents and so on. Everyone was able to agree on “trust the plan”. At the latest during the Capitol Storm, in which “Qultists” actively participated, one could see the political goals of the conspiracy theorists. A leaked internal Defense Department intelligence rating in December classified QAnon as one of the “domestic extremist groups”.

“Nothing makes sense anymore”

“Trump will come on the stage during the arrests and thank America for the re-election,” said QAnon supporters in a forum shortly before the inauguration. “This will be remembered as the greatest day since D-Day.” Trump’s departure, the missing storm (#TheStorm and # DasGroßeErwachen were popular hashtags in the scene) and Biden’s successful swearing-in then promptly sowed doubts among the supporters. Immersed in a frenzy of confusion and disbelief that almost instantly uncovered and destroyed a collective deception, even QAnon leaders deleted Twitter and Instagram profiles and let their shock and frustration run free in Telegram chat groups or on message boards. “I don’t think that should happen” or: “How long does it take the police to run up the stairs and arrest him?” it says there during Biden’s inauguration. “It’s like being a kid and seeing that big gift under the tree and thinking it’s exactly what you want, just to open it and see that it was a lump of coal.”

Oh my god none of this was real“stated other supporters of the conspiracy.”Nothing makes sense anymore“for them and the frustration runs deep:”Unfortunately, we all seem to have been severely betrayed. It’s demoralizing, but we have to accept it, even if it sucks. “” We have been promised arrests, exposures, military regimes and secret documents. Where is that all ???????? “, CNN quoted a member of a QAnon Telegram channel that is said to have nearly 128,000 subscribers.” A significant percentage on the Internet writes that they are now done with the QAnon, “summed it up Daniel J. Jones, president of Advance Democracy, a non-partisan nonprofit that tracks extremist groups and misinformation online, for the broadcaster.

The followers are now at an intersection and have to decide which route to take. Yet there are many signs that QAnon and its unreal world will persist. Because some followers are not so easily thrown out of step, their beliefs are too deep and they insist that everything is going according to “plan” and that Trump’s war against the “deep state” has only just begun.

Does QAnon move any further to the right?

Still others simply changed their claims and immediately tried the next conspiracy. The theory circulated that Trump would only “allow” Biden to become president, for appearances and the like. In the background, however, the Republican would still pull the strings. Donald Trump becomes the “shadow president” who remains in office because Biden and his cabinet have allegedly been arrested. Trump would only have vacated his office “in appearance” because the US citizens could not have dealt with the mass arrests. Biden is allowed to move freely, but: “Everything that happens in the next 4 years, President Trump does,” wrote a user on the 4Chan board.

Whether the spread of new theories and beliefs will fragment the movement remains to be seen. At the same time, extremism experts warn that the return of the supporters to reality will be a huge task and very difficult psychologically for the ex-Qulists. But a further right-wing extremization of people who believed in lies and were manipulated for years seems possible, especially via the Telegram service, which is popular with neo-Nazi groups. And finally, Donald Trump will not completely disappear from the scene, as he announced. His personality cult will live on. As an eternal “underdog” he could continue to exploit QAnon’s reactionary, hateful, apocalyptic anti-government struggle and drive it into even more dangerous spheres.

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