Trump sends his “bulldog” to fight for the US election


He boasts of being able to smell crime. Rudy Giuliani was commissioned by Trump to turn the election result in his favor. So far, the US lawyer has mainly caused head shaking.

It was Rudy Giuliani’s daughter who referred to her father as Donald Trump’s “personal bulldog”. Caroline Rose Giuliani spoke out ahead of the US election in early November and warned against a second term for the man her father is representing as a personal lawyer. Trump is now sitting in the White House as the elected President and has put his fighting dog on the election results that he does not like. “I know about crimes, I can smell them,” said the 76-year-old last.

Giuliani as Trump’s henchman, which is not always successful

Giuliani claims to be able to prove that Trump was robbed of Joe Biden as a result of a vote steal organized by the Democratic Party. Giuliani was considered a hero after his time as Mayor of New York City, but is now ridiculed by many as a not always successful stooge of the president. The more improbable the current endeavor becomes in view of expiring deadlines and dismissed lawsuits, the more unbridled Trump’s lawyers rumble – and dive deeper and deeper into conspiracy theories.

In a 40-minute monologue at a press conference last Thursday, Giuliani spoke furiously about the massive election fraud, for which he has still not presented any solid evidence. The lawyers Jenna Ellis and Sidney Powell followed up with already refuted allegations and incoherent theories. In summary, their explanation for Trump’s defeat goes like this: Ballot papers for Biden have been scanned several times, which is why millions of votes are invalid for him. Also involved in the fraud are Cuba, Venezuela (including ex-President Hugo Chávez, who died in 2013), China, big cities in the USA, Antifa, tech companies and even an Internet server in Germany.

Apparently amateurish approach by Giuliani & Co.

Giuliani was sweating in the headlights. When dark paint ran down his cheeks to the left and right of the hairline on his ears – presumably traces of dye or mascara – the parallel to the horror film was quickly drawn. It wasn’t just raining mockery and malice on Twitterbut also warnings. “This press conference was the most dangerous 1:45 hour TV in American history. And probably the craziest,” wrote Christopher Krebs, who has just fired Trump. As head of the agency for cyber and infrastructure security, he was responsible, among other things, for securing the elections.

A court is shattering after the Trump camp’s next lawsuit for lack of evidence – on the weekend, for example, in the state of Pennsylvania, where Trump apparently wanted to invalidate millions of postal votes and stop the certification of the final results that was due this Monday. But the judge in charge wrote that the arguments of Trump’s lawyers were not even enough to invalidate the vote of “a single voter”.

The seemingly amateurish approach of Giuliani & Co. can easily hide what it is actually about: overturning the result of an election that US authorities have already described as the safest in American history.

Trump as “the most irresponsible president”

“It would all be very funny if it weren’t so serious,” Justin Levitt, a law professor from Los Angeles, told the New York Times. Trump’s behavior is not only attacking the democratic process, but also endangering national security in unprecedented ways. Since he does not admit his defeat, his government has so far not allowed an orderly handover of official business to election winner Biden. He is increasingly shaken by Trump’s refusal to recognize the result. It hurts the reputation of American democracy, said Biden on Thursday. Trump will go down in history as America’s “most irresponsible president”.

Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump in 1999: The two share a long history. (Source: Levine-Roberts / imago images)

Giuliani causes headaches among allies of the president. “I am surprised that this is the most important legal battle in the history of the country and that they do not use the most famous election lawyers,” said Trump’s former White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, last week at Fox Business.

Unwanted appearance in the “Borat” film

Giuliani has already got Trump into trouble several times. He was a central figure in the Ukraine affair that sparked impeachment proceedings against Trump. Giuliani had actively sought to get Ukraine to investigate Biden. In the final spurt of the election campaign, the 76-year-old tried in vain to trigger a scandal surrounding Biden’s son Hunter. Even conservative media kept their hands off the story because of the questionable sources.

A captivating gesture during one unwanted appearance in the new “Borat” movie the comedian Sacha Baron Cohen brought Giuliani to explain. He denied sexual intent after being filmed putting his hand inside his pants to tuck his shirt – Giuliani explained – after an interview with a young woman in a hotel room. On the day that US media proclaimed Biden the election winner, caused a press conference Giulianis for ridiculethat took place in front of a landscaping company called “Four Seasons” and not – as a Trump tweet suggested – in the luxury hotel of the same name.

Giuliani is undeterred

Some Trump allies apparently fear that Giuliani is encouraging his friend in the White House to continue the legal battle against the election result because he sees financial advantages in it. According to the New York Times, he is said to have asked for US $ 20,000 per day for the commitment, which Giuliani denies.

Despite the 30 or so setbacks Trump and the Republicans have now received, according to CNN, Rudy Giuliani is undeterred. Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made it clear on Sunday. “Frankly, the behavior of the president’s legal team is a national embarrassment,” said the Republican on ABC. He was a supporter of Trump and voted for him twice. But elections would have consequences. If the lawyers fail to provide evidence of election fraud, it can only mean one thing: “That the evidence doesn’t exist.”

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