Trump starts his own communication platform – and is ridiculed

Trump starts his own communication platform – and is ridiculed

Since Donald Trump was banned from Twitter and Facebook, there have been rumors that he wanted to start his own social network. A new platform from the former US president is now a topic of conversation.

Former US President Donald Trump went live with his own communication platform called “From the Desk of Donald J Trump”. It is a kind of blog on his website, which is similar to the format of Twitter. Trump writes short messages in it, some with pictures or videos, which his followers can share in social networks but cannot comment on on the platform itself. Users can also subscribe to updates by email or donate money.

While the conservative US broadcaster Fox News dubbed the venture “Trump founds his own communications platform”, other US media commented that the former president only started a blog. Fox News reported the platform gave Trump the ability to communicate directly with his followers after he was banned from Facebook and Twitter. Trump’s short articles can now be shared as a quote and link on the online platforms with just a few clicks. It was initially unclear whether the services would allow this.

For several months there have been rumors that Trump wanted to start his own media company. The background: Facebook blocked Trump in January shortly before the end of his term in office. The trigger was the storming of the US Capitol by his supporters – and that the President expressed sympathy for them. Twitter and Google’s YouTube also banned Trump from his platforms at the time. The Twitter account with more than 80 million subscribers was Trump’s most important communication channel for years.

“Right now it’s more like a newsletter”

In the comment column under the Fox News article on Trump’s new tool, some of the readers were irritated. “Right now it’s more like a newsletter,” wrote one. “This is not a platform for freedom of expression,” it said. “Now Trump fans can watch him continue to be upset about his electoral defeat,” wrote another. However, some users were also pleased with the announcement and expressed their conviction that the ex-president would be more successful with the new format than any other major media. “I welcome your vote back, Mr. President! Well done!” Wrote one supporter.

On Twitter, the news initially caused malice. Several media representatives shared a tweet announcing Fox News – and scoffed at the fact that the widely advertised communication platform was nothing more than a website or blog. “It is basically a personal blog for someone who can only think 280 words long,” wrote Eliot Higgins, the operator of the investigative Internet platform Bellingcat.

A longtime Trump adviser Jason Miller wrote of the comments on Twitter: “President Trump’s website is a great resource for finding his latest statements and highlights from his first term, but this is not a new social media platform We will have additional information on this in the near future. ” It is still unclear whether there is an even bigger project in the works in addition to the new platform, it said in the Fox News article.

The timing of the start of Trump’s new system seems to be well thought out: Today, Wednesday, Facebook wants to announce whether Trump will remain banned. The independent supervisory body of the world’s largest online network wants to announce a decision. The so-called oversight board can overturn management decisions on content and people – and has the final say. Twitter, on the other hand, had already announced that there was no way back for Trump on the platform.

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