Trump taunts Fox News – then he gives an interview there


Donald Trump’s policy is judged by observers to be not very consistent. The latest example underpins this: he is actually disappointed with Fox News, but still speaks to the broadcaster.

Donald Trump and Fox News were once very close. When the Americans tuned in, they saw a lot of praise for the still-US president and plenty of criticism of the Democrats. But this relationship is in crisis.

Mainly expressed in the fact that, to Trump’s annoyance, Fox News had declared Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden the winner of the White House race in Arizona. As one of the first of the major US broadcasters. Fox News later proclaimed Trump’s opponent the overall winner. Which made the Republican’s strategy of declaring the election a “fraud” difficult.

Allegations against former favorite channels

Instead of Fox News, Trump has now apparently shown his affection for the channels One America News and Newsmax, both very right-wing and very small. That reports the “Frankfurter Rundschau”. The US president reckoned with Fox News on Twitter, accusing the program of often not being “viewable” at all.

Trump doesn’t mean it that seriously with his Fox News scolding. He recently gave the scolded broadcaster an interview by phone. Because Trump cannot ignore one fact: Fox News is the central medium for the right-wing electorate. It is possible that the soon-to-be-outgoing US President wants to withdraw more and more viewers from the station and feed them to his new favorites, as the “Frankfurter Rundschau” suspects.

In the said interview with Fox News, Trump remains true to his line. Completely unproven, he claims that the November 3rd vote was “a complete fraud”. In the almost one-hour conversation, the US President renewed his allegations that many dead people had voted and that “massive fraud” had occurred due to the increase in postal votes.

US courts have already thrown down numerous lawsuits aimed at challenging the election results and his Republican allies. It was only on Friday that a federal judge who had once been nominated by Trump had dismissed an important lawsuit in the state of Pennsylvania as unfounded. US authorities and state election officers have rated the vote as safe and successful – there are no known cases of major fraud.

Trump, however, continues to refuse to recognize Joe Biden’s election victory. When asked by the conservative presenter Maria Bartiromo in the Fox News interview whether there was still a way to victory for him despite the defeat in court, Trump said: “I hope so.”

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