Trump threatens State Secretary of Georgia


In his last days in office, US President Trump is said to have pressed in an unusual phone call for the election result in Georgia to be changed. Apparently he threatened State Secretary Raffensperger.

The incumbent US President Donald Trump is said to have threatened Georgia State Secretary Brad Raffensperger. In a phone call, Trump apparently asked his party colleagues to “find” enough votes to overturn his defeat in the US state and subsequently change the election results. This is reported by the Washington Post, citing a recording of the conversation.

Raffensperger opposed Trump

According to election experts, the conversation between Trump and Raffensperger raises legal questions. The US President is said to have insulted the Secretary of State and at the same time tried to flatter him. Trump is said to have threatened criminal penalties if Raffensperger refused to pursue his demands. According to Trump, he is taking “a great risk” and may be guilty of a crime if he does not act against the election fraud. Trump described Raffensperger as “clueless” after the phone call on Twitter.

During the one-hour conversation, Raffensperger is said to have rejected Trump’s claims, reports the US newspaper. The 11,779 votes that led US President-elect Joe Biden to victory in Georgia are fair and correct. Trump apparently rejected the arguments.

“We won the election”

“The people of Georgia are angry, the people of the country are angry,” said Trump. Raffensperger then replied: “Well, Mr. President, the challenge is that the data you have is wrong.” At another point in the conversation, Trump is reported to have said, “Look, I just want to do one thing. I just want to find 11,780 votes – that’s one more than we have right now. Because we won the state.”

Trump went on to say: “We won the election and it’s not fair to take the victory away from us like that.” Raffensperger should check the results again, demanded the incumbent US president. “But check it out with people who want to find answers,” said Trump.

Raffensperger said according to the recording: “We have to stand by our numbers. We believe our numbers are correct.” The State Secretary pointed out that the results would have passed in court. In Georgia, runoff elections for two Senate seats will also take place on Tuesday, the result of which could overturn the majority of Republicans in the Washington House of Representatives.

No evidence of election fraud

Trump narrowly lost Georgia in the November 3rd election. The Democrat Joe Biden was there with about 12,000 votes in front. The results were recounted there twice; Despite Trump’s claims, there was no evidence of electoral fraud.

The Washington Post report said the “rambling and sometimes incoherent conversation” showed how “obsessed and desperate” the president was in the face of his election defeat. Trump still believes he could change the outcome in enough states to secure a second term.

Trump lost the election almost two months ago but continues to refuse to acknowledge Biden’s victory. He is to be sworn in as the new President on January 20th. Biden secured 306 votes from the electorate, significantly more than the 270 votes needed to win. In Georgia, the votes were cast by 16 electorate.

Trump has also questioned the results in other states, including Pennsylvania with its 20 electorate. However, he and his allies have not been successful with their lawsuits against the results – even judges appointed by Trump have dismissed lawsuits, some with very clear justifications.

In the formal US election procedure, the results from the individual states are still to be certified in Congress on Wednesday (from 7:00 p.m. CET). Only then will it be official who has won the election. Republicans from the House of Representatives and the Senate have announced that they will appeal against the results of individual states during the procedure. The disruptive action can delay the confirmation of Biden’s election victory by a few hours, but has no prospect of actually changing anything in the election outcome.

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