Trump will arrive in California, where he will receive operational data on fires

Trump will arrive in California, where he will receive operational data on fires US NEWS

35 victims of recent wildfires in USA

Fires raging in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, which includes northern California, Oregon and Washington state, have destroyed thousands of homes and businesses, and even engulfed entire cities. More than a million hectares of land have been destroyed. At least 35 people became victims of fires in the region.

Smoke from fires enveloped the cities of San Francisco, Seattle and Portland, making them one of the worst air quality in the world.

“The smoke filled the air with a pungent metallic odor similar to that of small coins,” the Associated Press described the situation.

The clouds of smoke enveloping the region pose a threat to the health of millions of local residents.

Oregon’s air quality has been described as “dangerous” or “very unhealthy.”

Tens of thousands of people had to leave their homes.

Visibility was less than half a kilometer in some locations, making driving dangerous, according to the National Weather Service.

US President Donald Trump has generally not commented on the situation, but he plans to visit California on Monday for the latest data on the fires, which have become some of the most devastating in several years. Previously, he blamed the region’s fires on ineffective forest management.

Oregon Governor Keith Brown disagrees. Speaking on CBS’s “Face the Country” program on Sunday, she said the fires are “a wake-up call to do whatever we can to cope with climate change.” Governors of California and Washington agree with her.

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