Trump will receive Lavrov in Washington


Secretary of State Pompeo to hold talks with Russian Foreign Minister

US President Donald Trump will meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday during talks between US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the Russian Foreign Minister to be held in Washington, Interfax reported with reference to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The Pompeo and Lavrov talks will be held against the backdrop of tensions in bilateral relations caused by disagreements on a variety of issues, from the alleged Russian interference in the elections to the wars in Ukraine and Syria. In addition, the parties have less and less time for ordering the implementation of a new agreement designed to replace START-3, which expires in February 2021.

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested Washington extend the agreement without preconditions and further discussions.

The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed the information about Lavrov’s visit to Washington, however, the meeting with Trump is not mentioned in the official statement of the department. Interfax reported this with reference to a source in the Foreign Ministry.

According to the source, the ministry is counting on Trump to receive Lavrov. The White House did not confirm or deny this information.

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