Trump’s Debacle: The Sad States of America


The USA transfigured the inability to reform as a tradition. The disastrous behavior of Donald Trump in defeat reveals the grievances relentlessly. The would-be dictator and his cronies make their country appear as a banana republic.

It is known that in defeat a person shows his true character. With Donald Trump that wasn’t necessary. The whole world has long known that the outgoing President of the USA is an intellectually limited, brazen, amateurish, arrogant, egomaniacal and empathy liar. It should come as no surprise to anyone that he now presents himself as a horrible loser. But his inglorious departure surpasses his previous behavior by a lot and makes the politically interested observer once again hold his breath.

Trump’s last weeks in Washington are like his entire term in office: a mix of tragedy and farce. The viewer vacillates between crying and laughing fits. The way Trump is cheating on the situation in his parallel world is crazy. We know: The worst President of the USA since Nixon thinks he is on a par with Washington, Lincoln and God. The election defeat against Joe Biden must cause this narcissist unimaginable agony, against which even golf does not help. In order to endure it, Trump is bending reality once more. He firmly believes in his fairy tale of electoral fraud so that he can maintain his fairytale image of the white giant in the White House. A pounding guy like him can’t lose, there must be a plot behind it.

That Trump is damaging his country with his conspiracy madness and conspiratorial behavior is, in turn, weeping. Fortunately, his self-importance and his strategic ineptitude reveal what he is about: only him, not the well-being of his rank and file or even the United States. Trump speaks of fraud and openly instigates election fraud. “I only want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than what we have,” he said in a phone call with Republican Brad Raffensperger, state secretary and chief election officer of Georgia. A wish that fits dictatorships and autocracies. It is not just the audacity that is shocking, but the choice of words, which comes across as peaceful but reminds of the Mafia. And what does Trump say? “I love my phone call.”

The characters who argue for Trump are an indictment of poverty. Some give the impression that they are caricatures from comedy or TV series like “House of Cards”. The lawyer Sidney Powell spoke seriously of “thousands” who “must have been involved in the conspiracy”, as well as Cuba, the Venezuelan head of state Hugo Chávez, who died years ago, and “probably also China”. Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani had an obviously drunk witness march before a parliamentary committee in Michigan.

Trump drives division ever deeper

It is sad that this madness is caught up in the fact that around a quarter of Americans believe that the election was gossiped – even though the independent judiciary, which proves to be the guarantor of democracy, has dismissed all claims by Trump and his cronies . “Accusations require specific allegations and then evidence. We have neither one nor the other here,” a Trump-appointed judge dismissed the current president’s request to invalidate 2.5 million postal votes from a state. But the loser cannot accept that either: Justice is only “great” for him if it decides for him. “I’m not happy with the Supreme Court” because it “let us down”. Us?

Trump is driving the division ever deeper and discrediting state processes and the creation of democratically legitimized institutions. The joint guest contribution of all ten living ex-defense ministers in the “Washington Post” revealed that they even trust the would-be dictator to abuse the army in order to stay in power. In Asian and South American countries one would speak of a military coup. Former ministers cautiously said that any “efforts” in this direction would lead the US into “dangerous, illegal and unconstitutional territory”. It is clear to everyone that this should also mean bloodshed.

74.2 million Americans voted for Trump and 81.2 million for Biden. There is almost only a dispute about the relatively few votes in those states like Georgia, where the election result was very close. If the US had fundamentally reformed its more than 200-year-old electoral system, this dispute would not exist. Even Trump wouldn’t dare say, “I want you to get a few million votes.” But the political establishment doesn’t go along with that. The land of unlimited possibilities, thinkers and innovative tinkerers, prefers to stick to age-old customs and transfigured this form of persistence into tradition.

The Republicans are a special tragedy in tragedy. In the impeachment process, they saved Trump from being kicked out of the White House. For years they watched idly as the president insulted opponents he viewed as enemies, mocked allies of the USA, but at the same time paid homage to autocrats and dictators, how he abused power, began to instrumentalize the judiciary for his interests and, in the end, even criminals pardoned from his entourage.

For weeks it has also been said in the German media that “more and more” party colleagues of Trump are turning away from him. The leading Republicans only finally publicly accepted the election result. Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority leader in the Senate, congratulated Biden on the win weeks after the election and a few hours after Vladimir Putin.

Pathetic showdown in Congress

After all, the Republicans recently showed Trump politically the limits in two places: the defense budget and the Corona aid package for Americans in need. But they only half-heartedly defend themselves against its attempts to stay in the White House through malicious accusations and machinations. There will be another pathetic showdown in Congress on Wednesday as dozen Republicans want to protest against Biden’s election. Among them are politicians like Ted Cruz who want to position themselves for the US election in four years. Here, too, Trump broke his election promise to stir up the US political establishment – in truth, he is only cementing the structures. Everyone does what ensures their power.

And the Democrats? There was never any question of an overwhelming victory. The future US president is anything but a dynamic bearer of hope who will lead America to new shores. If the Democrats lose even part of the Georgia by-election, Biden must fight a Republican majority in the Senate. If they win, the republican conspiracies will be thrown even more mud.

By electing Biden, the US has done the world a big favor – if only with a view to challenges such as climate change. Now it is up to him above all to unite the divided states of America at least a little. One can only hope that the Republicans won’t just show him up and think about the next election campaign for themselves. But it is to be feared: The tragedy continues.

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