Trump’s impeachment procedure passed to the Legal Committee of the House of Representatives

Trump's impeachment US NEWS

The Democrats-led committee will consider drafting impeachment articles and putting them to the vote of the entire house

WASHINGTON – Democrats in the House of Representatives have opened a new phase of the investigation as part of a possible impeachment of US President Donald Trump, who has now transferred to the House’s Legal Committee

It is expected that the Democratic-controlled chamber will hold a vote on impeachment of the president by the end of the year due to the fact that he allegedly blocked military aid allocated to Ukraine in order to obtain personal political benefit.

In the event of impeachment, the procedure will be transferred to the Senate, where the situation looks much more favorable for Trump.

Trump's impeachment

The House Intelligence Committee of Intelligence has compiled facts on impeachment.

“The report sets out a scheme by which the president of the United States tries to coerce an ally (Ukraine) who is at war with an rival (Russia) to do dirty political work for the president,” said Adam Schiff, chairman of the House’s Intelligence Committee.

The committee summarized a three-month investigation and several weeks of testimony.

“The service-for-service principle has existed,” said Gordon Sonland, US Ambassador to the European Union at the hearing.

Now the intelligence committee has submitted its report to the Legal Committee of the House of Representatives.

The committee is chaired by Jerry Nadler, who will chair the Wednesday hearing, which aims to establish whether the president’s actions are grounds for impeachment.

According to the Republicans in the committee, there is no evidence of President’s guilt.

“This will be the first impeachment in history, which is based not only on controversial, but conflicting facts,” said Republican Congressman Doug Collins. – Has the “service for service” principle been applied? Was there real pressure when both parties to the conversation, US President and Mr. Zelensky, claimed that everything was in order?

Trump called the Democratic impeachment hearing “staging.”

“It seems to me that it is very unpatriotic for the Democrats to arrange such a performance,” the president said. “It seems to me that this has a negative effect on our country.”

Opinion polls show that Americans are split over the impeachment of President Trump. However, Democrats believe that the abuse of power by Trump justifies such a serious step.

“Are we ready to say that from now on we should expect a certain degree of corruption from the current and next presidents, in which the national security of the country will be jeopardized and the significance of the presidential oath will be much less?” Adam Schiff said.

Abuse of power can be one of the impeachment articles that the House Committee of Legal Representatives can prepare and put to the vote of the House in full at the end of December, laying the foundation for the trial in the Republican-led Senate.

“The country cannot allow this new tactic – the obsession with impeachment and obstructing everything else,” said Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Republican majority in the Senate.

Meanwhile, the president sees an impending Senate trial as an opportunity to defend himself.

“The Senate will be honest,” Trump said. “I will be glad to hear the testimonies of Mike Pompeo, Rick Perry, and many others, and I do not want them to testify now, when this is a complete fiction.”

The trial is likely to begin early next year. Trump’s removal requires at least 67 senators to be convicted.

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