Trump’s tax documents should go to parliament

Trump’s tax documents should go to parliament

Parliament is loud Ministry of Justice a “compelling interest” in ex-President Trump’s tax returns. The tax authorities should now pass this on. That could be tricky for Trump.

The US Department of Justice has ordered the tax authorities to submit ex-President Donald Trump’s tax records to a House Committee. Under Trump’s administration, the Justice Department had refused to hand over the documents.

Now President Joe Biden’s Justice Department has declared that Parliament has a “compelling interest” in clarifying whether the President has accepted improper funds from abroad or has been influenced by foreign nations or “personal economic entanglements”.

Trump resisted a release in court

The Ministry of Finance must instruct the tax authority IRS to hand over the confidential documents to the Finance and Tax Committee, it said in the decision of the Ministry on Friday.

Contrary to political conventions in the USA, the real estate entrepreneur Trump had not made his tax return public either as a candidate or later as president. He resisted a surrender up to the Supreme Court. A prosecutor’s office in New York has since received the documents, but no details were allowed to be made public – unless there was a trial.

Details could be published

Handing it over to Congress is probably more delicate for Trump: There, the group of those authorized to access is somewhat larger and, under certain conditions, individual details could be published in the course of the committee’s investigation. In addition, confidential information is constantly being leaked out of Parliament.

The chairwoman of the House of Representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, immediately hailed the decision as a “victory for the rule of law”. Access to the Republican’s tax records is a national security issue, she wrote on Twitter. “The American people deserve to know the facts about their conflicts of interest and how they undermine our security as president,” said Pelosi.

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