Trying to reconcile: Trump speaks out after the impeachment vote


Trying to reconcile
Trump speaks up after the impeachment vote

After Trump supporters storm the US Capitol, the House of Representatives opened impeachment proceedings against President Trump. Only a few hours later, he addressed the public with warm words. He does not mention the proceedings initiated against him with a single syllable.

Shortly after impeachment proceedings were initiated against him, the elected US President Donald Trump turned to the nation with a call for reconciliation. “I clearly condemn the violence we saw last week,” said Trump in a five-minute video message that the White House published on YouTube on Wednesday evening (local time).


“Violence and vandalism have absolutely no place in our country and no place in our movement.” He called on the population to relieve tension, calm down feelings and contribute to peace in the country. “Let us decide to go forward together.” Trump did not mention the impeachment proceedings initiated.

Angry Trump supporters had violently entered the Capitol on Wednesday last week after an inciting speech by the President. Several people were killed in the riots. The Democrats accused Trump of instigating the riots and within a few days prepared impeachment proceedings against him, which the House of Representatives officially opened on Wednesday.

Trump tried to distance himself from his violent supporters who stormed the Capitol. “No real supporter of mine could ever advocate political violence,” he said in the clip. Those who use violence do not support their movement, but attack the movement and the country. “We can’t accept that.” Regardless of whether someone is politically right or left, Democrat or Republican – there is no justification for violence. This applies without exception.

With a view to reports of possible further violent protests in the capital Washington and other parts of the country in the next few days, Trump called for violence to be renounced.

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