Turkey considers EU decisions a “big mistake”

Turkey considers EU decisions a “big mistake”

Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres (l), and the President of the European Council, Charles Michel: The EU does not initially want to hold talks with Turkey about the modernization of the customs union. (Source: ohn Thys, Pool Photo via AP / AP / dpa)

While French President Emmanuel Macron is positive about European-Turkish relations, Turkey is disappointed. Ankara had hoped for more from the decisions of the EU summit.

French President Emmanuel Macron has noted that relations between the EU and Turkey are easing. “The tension has decreased in the past few weeks,” Macron said on Friday at a press conference. “We will continue to be vigilant over the summer,” he added. “But we will also resume cooperation.”

Turkey, on the other hand, reacted disappointed to the decisions of the EU summit. The declaration was “far behind what was expected or necessary,” said the Foreign Ministry on Friday in Ankara. It added that Turkey, for its part, had done “more than its part” in easing tensions and resuming dialogue and cooperation.

Turkish Foreign Ministry speaks of a “big mistake”

At their summit in Brussels on Thursday, the heads of state and government paid tribute to the de-escalation in the gas dispute in the Mediterranean. At the same time, they expressed “concern” about the undermining of the rule of law in Turkey. Although they agreed on further aid amounting to three billion euros for Syria refugees in Turkey, they did not make any concrete commitments in the promise made in the original refugee package to start talks on modernizing the customs union with Turkey.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry now spoke of “delaying tactics and lack of goodwill”. To reduce the cooperation during the migration to its “financial aspects” alone is “a big mistake”.

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