Twitter blocks accounts of alleged black Trump supporters

Twitter blocks accounts of alleged black Trump supporters

An intense debate about fake online messages is going on in the US ahead of the November election. Twitter has now deleted accounts allegedly used by African Americans to call for the re-election of the US president.

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The online service Twitter has blocked several fake accounts allegedly created by African American people calling for the election of US President Donald Trump. The affected accounts had won several thousand followers within a few days, said Twitter. Such occurrences would be seen as manipulating public debate.

“Our teams are working tirelessly to investigate these activities,” said a spokesman for the San Francisco-based company. Twitter takes action if posts in the online service violate company guidelines.

Intense debate about fake online messages

Most of the accounts used images of real African Americans, said Darren Linvill, a Clemson University scientist who specializes in spreading false information on the Internet. A tweet said, “Yes, I’m black and I’m voting for Trump! The Liberals won’t like that, but I don’t care.” The September 17th news was shared 6,000 times.

In the United States, the debate over fake online messages and accounts is particularly intense given the presidential election on November 3rd. Facebook and other Internet companies have already taken various measures against inciting, manipulative and misleading messages on their pages in the past few months.

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