Two weeks after vaccination: USA: Vaccinated people are allowed to travel


Two weeks after vaccination
USA: Vaccinated people are allowed to travel

The number of people vaccinated in the United States is increasing every day. So far, no restrictions have been lifted for them, but that is about to change. In the future, fully vaccinated people will be allowed to travel within the USA without quarantine and negative tests – only not from abroad yet.

In the USA, people vaccinated against the coronavirus can travel across the country again if the hygiene regulations are complied with. In compliance with the distance rules and wearing masks, quarantine and Covid-19 tests would no longer be required when traveling within the United States, the CDC said.

However, for those arriving from abroad, a negative test is still required before departure to the USA. In addition, they are said to be tested again after arrival and must be in quarantine if the local US authorities order it.

Two weeks after vaccination, a person is considered fully immunized – and can travel – according to the CDC. “More than one in five adults is now fully vaccinated,” said CDC chief Rochelle Walensky. The new recommendations come at a time when travel within the United States has increased sharply again, largely because of the spring break.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden called on US citizens to persevere. He welcomed the new labor market figures, which showed an economic upturn in March. “We still have a long way to go to get our economy back on track after the worst economic and job crisis in almost a century,” he said in a televised address. “But my message to the American people is this: Help is here. The chance is there. And finally there is hope for so many families.”

Last month, 916,000 new jobs were created in the US – the largest increase since August. The unemployment rate fell from 6.2 percent in February to 6.0 percent.

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