TWS Headphone Market Growth 83% In 2020


According to research firm Counterpiont, the TWS headphone market grew by 83% in 2020. Their sales increased to 238 million devices, driving growth for the entire wearable electronics segment. Sales of smartwatches almost reached the level of 100 million devices, an increase of 2%. Headphones and wristwatches account for 93% of all wearable device sales. In the TWS headphone segment, Apple led the way, accounting for 29% of the total sales. It is noted that Apple was also the leader in sales and in the segment of smartwatches, where it managed to secure a share of 28%. The three leaders in the supply of TWS headphones also included Xiaomi with a market share of 13% and Samsung with a market share of 5%. It is noted that the online channel has become the main sales channel for wearable devices, so in 2021, the positions of the players widely represented online may strengthen even more. It is also noted that low-cost segment companies also have great growth potential, so in the third quarter of last year, more than half of the brands in the top ten leaders in the wearable device segment offered their solutions at the level of $ 50 and below.

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