TWS headphone market will grow 33% in 2021

TWS headphone market will grow 33% in 2021

Research firm Counterpoint predicts that the TWS headphone market will grow 33% this year after 78% growth last year. The market for TWS headphones is growing rapidly, despite the restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic and problems in consumer markets in many countries. In total, over the past year, 233 million devices were delivered to the market, the main market player was Apple with a share of 31% of total sales, followed by Xiaomi with a share of 9%, and Samsung was in third place in the list of leaders with a share of 7%. According to analysts, 310 million devices will be delivered to the market in 2021, while it is noted that Apple’s share continues to decline consistently and this year will be 27%, the total number of Apple devices will be 84 million by the end of the year. The share of Xiaomi will remain at the same level, as will the share of Samsung, they will occupy 9% and 7%, respectively.


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