Tyson Fury reacted to Wilder’s words that he cast a gypsy spell on Deontay in the first fight


WBC Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury commented on former rival Deontay Wilder as saying that he used a gypsy spell during their first fight. When The Bronze Bomber announced this on Joe Rogan’s podcast shortly after that fight, many thought he was joking. However, given Wilder’s comments after the second fight, it is likely that he does believe it.

“When Joe Rogan interviewed Wilder on his podcast after our first fight, Deontay said he thought I cast a gypsy spell on him. As far as I know, I’m not very good at spells, even though my Irish grandmother was a fortune teller.

Clearly I got into his head and shook Wilder’s faith in myself by constantly saying that I would drop him in the second round. I sowed this grain in his head and during the promotion of the fight I repeated these words so often that he got scared and believed it himself, “wrote Tyson Fury in his new book The Furious Method.

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