U2 Bono gets tortured with teenage daughter


Eve Hewson said that in her youth, she fell hopelessly in love with handsome guys from her father’s entourage.

29-year-old Eve Hewson, daughter of the lead singer of U2, became the heroine of the new issue of Town and Country magazine. In an interview with the publication, Eve said that in her youth she fell hopelessly in love with nice guys, so her father once decided not to hire young assistants anymore.

“Father called us [с сестрой] little hooligans. It got to the point that dad could no longer hire young assistants for the group. Once he said: “That’s it, no more 20-year-old guys!” – shared Eve.

Now, on the personal front of a young actress, not everything is as rosy as in her youth. Eve noted that she was disappointed in love and was waiting for the release of robot guys. “Everything is hopeless, one sheer disappointment. I heard that they are producing robot girls, and I hope they start producing guys like that, so I’ll just wait. You can just turn it off when it gets bored, ”said Bono’s daughter.

While her famous father is known as one of Ireland’s most successful musicians, Eve herself, she says, does not enjoy music as much as she does acting.

“Actually, I thought I was going to make music. But in practice, I was bad at it. And when I started studying acting, I could learn words, read scripts, do different exercises all day, and it all didn’t feel like work. And the music lessons were felt. “

Eve’s latest project is Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes, a screen adaptation of Sarah Pinborough’s novel of the same name, in which Hewson played one of the leading roles.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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