Unbeaten British prospect compared sparring with Joshua and Usyk


Undefeated 26-year-old British heavyweight Fabio Wardley (10-0, 9 KOs) shared insider sparring information with former undisputed champion Alexander Usik (18-0, 13 KOs) and reigning heavyweight belt-holder Anthony Joshua (23-1, 21 KOS).

“Is he [Джошуа] uses different sparring partners for different styles. First I boxed with him, then Gerald Washington entered the ring, then Bryant Jennings. We’re all a little different from each other, “Wardley said.

“Instead of dwelling on just one style, he spars with fighters who are always different, because of which he is constantly forced to make some changes, which on the other hand teaches him to overcome difficulties in real combat. impressed with how light and agile he is on his feet, especially considering his size. You saw a lot of this in his fight with Pulev, when he took all those small half steps forward, then kicked, and then stepped back in the same way. He really does it sharply and quickly, which works great in his favor. It was something that caught me off guard since I was sparring with the big guys. And I’m used to being the fastest in a pair and moving more easily. legs.

As for Usyk, it seems to me that his sparring has a much higher pace. When I box with Joshua, I manage to control the rhythm a little if I want to. But with Usyk – only he controls the pace, he is always on the front leg, pushing you where he needs to. Plus he throws more punches. Nine times out of ten, you react and deliver something in return. However, with Usyk, I never managed to find the moment when I could set my own rhythm, or do my job without missing anything in response. “

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