US actress infected early: Rosie Perez had Corona – a year ago


US actress infected early
Rosie Perez had Corona – a year ago

In December last year, the world is still another, Covid-19 as good as unknown. As the actress Rosie Perez now explains, she was infected with the corona virus in Bangkok at this time. She has to go to the intensive care unit, where the doctors have a premonition.

Hollywood actress Rosie Perez, known from “White Boys Can’t Bring It”, had already contracted Covid-19 at a time when the virus and the associated illness had no name. The 56-year-old has now explained that in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight”. At the time, Perez was filming with “The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco for the series “The Flight Attendant” in Thailand. She was “seriously ill”, which is why a doctor had to come to the set.

At the time, Kuoco lay down next to her in bed to cheer Perez up – and even posted a picture of it on Instagram. Nobody knew at the time what was actually going on. The doctor had her immediately admitted to a hospital in Bangkok and when she got there, “everything was like in a movie”. Perez had been put into quarantine and the doctor in charge of the intensive care unit had told her: “You have this new type of respiratory infection that comes here from the east.”

“Don’t let me die in Bangkok”

Many tourists had already gotten sick at that time and there had also been deaths. When Perez was brought to the intensive care unit, she said to her manager: “Don’t let me die in Bangkok. Please call my husband.” At that time, nobody had a name for the virus and Covid-19, as doctors explained to her at the time.

She could also remember being told, “Wherever you go, whoever you meet, never take off your mask. It’s for your protection and for our protection.” In January, she learned from the CDC, the US epidemic protection agency, that she was actually infected with the corona virus.

At the end of December 2019, the World Health Organization was informed of cases of pneumonia with an unknown cause in China. A few days later, the authorities identified a novel corona virus as the cause for the first time. However, studies indicate that the virus may have spread weeks before.

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