US armed forces train in Europe during a huge military exercise

US armed forces train in Europe during a huge military exercise

A huge military exercise is currently taking place in Europe: More than 28,000 soldiers from the USA are taking part. The first soldiers are expected in Germany at the end of May.

A huge US-led military exercise has started in Europe. According to the American armed forces, more than 28,000 soldiers from NATO and partner countries will train together over the next few weeks as part of “Defender Europe 21”. The arenas are primarily training grounds in south-east European countries such as Albania, Croatia, Bulgaria and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

US soldiers are due to arrive in Nuremberg at the end of May

In Germany, soldiers from the USA are expected to arrive in Nuremberg towards the end of the month. At the beginning of June, a part of the exercise to remove the injured is planned at the Baumholder military training area in Rhineland-Palatinate. The Bundeswehr is participating in the exercise primarily by providing support for the relocation of the American armed forces. In addition, paratroopers of the army are present in one of the sub-exercises.

“Defender Europe 21” will force the armed forces involved to improve their strength and their intellect, commented the commander in chief of the US armed forces in Europe, Tod D. Wolters on Tuesday at the opening ceremony in the port of Durres in Albania. In the end, however, the operational readiness will have improved in all areas.

The “Defender” exercise last year was actually designed as the largest deployment exercise by the US armed forces since the end of the Cold War. Originally, around 37,000 soldiers were supposed to take part in it. However, due to the corona pandemic, most of the exercise parts were canceled.

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