US authorities announce early termination of Trump’s term of office


Embarrassing incident at the US State Department: Presumably an employee changed the website of the agency out of anger. The person has made the biographies of President Trump and his Vice Pence.

A disgruntled State Department employee reportedly changed the biographical information of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence on the agency’s website. The US news magazine “Buzzfeed” reported on this.

Suddenly the Ministry page read that the presidential term would end on Monday, nine days before President-elect Joe Biden was sworn in. “Donald J. Trump’s term ended on 2021-01-11 7:49:00 PM,” the page read. The Vice President’s page has also been changed accordingly. The misstatement was only there for a short time. The biographical page was then pulled down. Users received an error message: “We’re sorry, this website is currently having technical problems. Please try again in a few moments.”

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State Department Vice President Pence’s website: his tenure dates have been changed. (Source: Screenshot / US State Department / Reuters)

“Buzzfeed” reported, citing two US diplomats, that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had ordered an internal investigation into the incident. “It was 100 percent not a hacker attack,” one of the diplomats is quoted as saying. The system is accordingly secured.

Militant supporters of Trump stormed the US Congress last Wednesday, killing a police officer. The president has since been accused of spurring the crowd on with a speech about the violence. Dozens of US diplomats have also signed an official letter in the past few days condemning Trump for inciting his supporters.

More than 100 State Department employees are said to have been among the signatories, according to US media. They were also annoyed with the Foreign Minister: Pompeo had failed to “make a statement clearly recognizing that President-elect Biden won the 2020 election,” the letter is quoted as saying. The frustration of the staff also comes from the fact that Pompeo did not take a clear stand against the “inciting the President to rebel against the United States”.

According to “Buzzfeed”, neither the White House nor the State Department have given a statement on the report. Trump’s term officially ends on January 20th. On this day his elected successor Joe Biden is sworn in.

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