US bishops want to refuse communion to Joe Biden

US bishops want to refuse communion to Joe Biden

In the US, the Catholic bishops are working on a regulation that will prevent celebrities like US President Joe Biden from receiving Holy Communion. The reason is an old argument.

The US bishops want to make a clear decision on whether prominent abortion advocates can be excluded from communion. The US media report. A preliminary report on the question of the Eucharist in the Church was accepted in the American Bishops’ Conference on Friday with 168 votes to 55. The document, which is to serve as a recommendation for American priests, is to be refined in the summer months and adopted in November. It then has to be approved by the Vatican.

The plan is also aimed against US President Joe Biden. The boss in the White House was denied communion in a church service in 2019 with reference to his political views on abortion. At the time, he dismissed this as a personal matter. Biden is the first Catholic president in almost 60 years.

When asked about the bill at a press conference on Friday evening, Biden replied, “This is a private matter and I don’t think it will happen.” Biden has stated in the past that he personally refuses abortion for religious reasons, but that it is not mandatory for all people. Biden is a devout Catholic, the 78-year-old goes to mass practically every Sunday. At the same time, he supports the decision of the US Supreme Court in 1973 to grant women the right to an abortion in principle.

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