US court imposes prison sentence: pharmacist deliberately spoils vaccine

US court imposes prison sentence: pharmacist deliberately spoils vaccine

US court imposes prison sentence

Pharmacist purposely spoils vaccine

In the US state of Wisconsin, a hospital pharmacist turns out to be a vaccine skeptic. He believes the Moderna vaccine is not safe and quickly removes hundreds of cans from the hospital refrigerator. He now has to go to jail for what he did.

A US pharmacist has been sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to deliberately disabling hundreds of doses of the Moderna vaccine. The US Department of Justice said 46-year-old Steven Brandenburg had also been asked to pay $ 83,800 in compensation to the Aurora Medical Center in Grafton, where he worked.

The statement from the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Wisconsin said the man was generally skeptical of vaccines, and in particular that of Moderna. Accordingly, he pleaded guilty in two cases of attempting to manipulate consumer goods, without taking into account the risk that another person could be killed or injured. Brandenburg apologized in court: “I did not have the right to make this decision,” he said, adding that he felt “terrible”. He is “deeply sorry” and he is ashamed of what he has done.

According to the Justice Department, the man intentionally removed a box of vaccine vials from a hospital refrigerator over two consecutive night shifts in December 2020. Another employee of the hospital pharmacy discovered the box a day later and put it back. In the following days, 57 people are said to have received the vaccine from the affected box before the action was exposed.

The remaining cans were sent to the manufacturer Moderna to determine whether the effectiveness had suffered due to the interruption of the cold chain. Moderna vaccine must be stored and shipped frozen, but can be stored in standard temperature refrigerators for 30 days.

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