US election campaign: Donald Trump’s nightly Twitter outbreak

US election campaign: Donald Trump’s nightly Twitter outbreak

US President Donald Trump tweeted a lot again last night. This time his posts revolve around the Supreme Court – and competitor Joe Biden.

In the midst of moderate polls a few days before the US presidential election, incumbent Donald Trump attacked his challenger Joe Biden in a series of late night tweets. “Biden will destroy the Supreme Court of the United States. Do not allow that!” Wrote Trump on Friday night around 2:30 am (local time). With the appeal of Judge Amy Coney Barrett earlier this week, the Republican was able to expand the Conservative majority in the Supreme Court to six of the nine seats.

Trump: “New judges will be radical left”

If he wins Tuesday’s election, Biden will change the influential court, Trump further tweeted. With its decisions on particularly controversial issues such as immigration, the right to abortion or same-sex marriage, the Supreme Court repeatedly sets the course for US society. Among other things, a possible expansion of the court is currently being discussed among Democrats. “The many new judges will be radical left,” claimed Trump.

In the past few weeks, Biden had evasively commented on a possible enlargement of the court, also known as “court packing”. At the same time, if he wins, he wants judicial reform. A commission of Democrats, Republicans and constitutional law experts will work out recommendations for six months.

In another tweet, Trump wrote that he was “way ahead in Texas”. In the southern state, traditionally considered the Republican stronghold, Trump won in 2016 by around nine percentage points. In the most recent polls, however, he is head-to-head with Biden. Trump wrote to his supporters, referring to the traditional color of his party, to watch the “Great Red Wave”.

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