US election live ticker: +++ 01:25 Merz: “Biden’s presidency will be difficult” +++

The candidate for the CDU chairmanship and former chairman of the Atlantik-Brücke, Friedrich Merz, reacted with relief to the change in the White House. “Almost everyone in the western world feels relieved that there is a change in the White House. We should still under no illusions. Joe Biden’s presidency will be difficult, especially if the Republicans retain a majority in the Senate. He should also got significant arguments with his own party, which has moved very far to the left in recent years, “says Merz of the” Rheinische Post “.

He has also already received the first invitations from Biden’s transition team. “I have known the new foreign minister and the new finance minister very well for many years. But visits will of course only be possible from spring,” said Merz. He did not want to rule out the possibility of the elected President Donald Trump running again: “In four years, Trump would be as old as Biden today. That cannot be completely ruled out, and there is every reason to wish this new government success,” emphasizes Merz .

+++ 00:37 Trump holds out the prospect of withdrawing from the White House +++
A good three weeks after his election defeat, US President Donald Trump is holding out the prospect of withdrawing from the White House. Trump says he will leave the White House as soon as the electorate appoints his opponent Joe Biden as president. Biden won the election on November 3rd. However, Trump has not yet admitted his defeat and speaks of fraud and irregularities. He takes legal action against the result of the vote. Recently, however, Trump had cleared the way for a transfer of power to Biden.

+++ 23:48 Trump: Covid vaccine will be delivered from next week +++
US President Donald Trump has announced the first deliveries of a Covid vaccine for the coming week. In a video link with U.S. soldiers overseas on the Thanksgiving holiday, Trump said extraditions would begin next week and the following week. First, vulnerable groups such as medical workers and the elderly would be vaccinated. No vaccine has yet been approved in the United States.

+++ 21:55 Trump on anti-racism symbol: “No thanks” +++
Thanksgiving always means NFL football in the US. Quarterbacks Deshaun Watson (Houston Texans) and Matthew Stafford (Detroit Lions) took advantage of their game and knelt by the national anthem for the fight against police violence and racism against people of color and for unprejudiced fairness. A symbol against an unfair system, against a violent government and for justice for all, which this year made it into society in the USA with the Black Lives Matter movement beyond the world of sport. But US President Donald Trump tweeted a retweet of the photo of the playmakers Watson and Stafford with a “no thanks” – with an exclamation mark.

When the former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick started kneeling in 2016, the then presidential candidate Trump made the footballer a traitor and said from deep below the belt: “Get that son of a bitch off the field, now!”

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