US election live ticker: +++ 03:46 End of Covid aid: Biden criticizes Mnuchin’s irresponsibility +++


US President-elect Joe Biden criticizes Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s decision to phase out some corona programs. The move was “extremely irresponsible,” said a statement from his transition team. In view of the growing health and economic crises, the state’s ability to support the economy should rather be strengthened. Mnuchin had previously announced the end of some measures created in the spring. He also called on the Fed to repay about $ 455 billion to Congress.

+++ 02:19 Biden gets Trump’s @ POTUS address on Twitter +++
Donald Trump not only has to vacate the White House in January, but also has to say goodbye to the presidential Twitter account. The account @POTUS will be handed over to the Biden government on the day of the swearing-in, said Twitter. The Trump messages collected do not disappear into virtual nirvana, but are archived. This is how it has been handled so far: The tweets from Barack Obama’s presidency are omitted @ POTUS44 read up. Trump can of course continue to use his private account. By the way, you can find him on Twitter when you search for people “Loser” enters.

+++ 01:01 Donald Trump Jr. infected with Corona +++
Donald Trump Jr., Donald Trump’s eldest son, contracted the coronavirus. His spokesman said that he tested positive earlier this week. The 42-year-old immediately quarantined and received the usual treatment, it said. He has no symptoms. Trump Jr. had participated in his father’s election campaign with riotous messages. After his defeat, he called on Twitter for a “total war” against the alleged election fraud.

+++ 00:09 polling officer certifies Biden’s victory in Georgia +++
Joe Biden’s win in the state of Georgia is now official. Georgia’s election supervisor Brad Raffensperger has certified the election result after a recount of all five million votes. Biden has around 12,000 more votes than incumbent Donald Trump in the traditionally conservative state. The election documents will now be sent to Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp, as Raffensperger, a Republican, said. Kemp still has to seal with his signature that Georgia’s 16 electorates will go to Biden. But the topic is not quite through yet: Because of the extremely tight election result, Trump’s campaign team can request another recount of votes. Trump’s private attorney Rudy Giuliani has also announced a lawsuit in Georgia.

+++ 23:15 Government representative: Trump attends G20 summit +++
Until recently, there was a lot of guesswork as to whether US President Donald Trump would even personally attend the virtual G20 summit this weekend. Now a senior government official is dispelling doubts. It is expected that Trump will be involved in G20 events on both Saturday and Sunday from the White House, the person who wants to remain anonymous told the Reuters news agency. For Trump, the summit should be the last opportunity to present itself on a large international stage.

+++ 22:25 EU hopes for strong cooperation with Biden +++
Before the G20 summit on the weekend, the EU expressed the hope of closer cooperation with the future US administration under Joe Biden. Biden had “already committed to strengthening multilateral cooperation,” said EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Friday. She is hoping for “new momentum” from Biden in the joint fight against the corona pandemic and the climate crisis. The G20 meeting organized by Saudi Arabia will also focus on these issues.
Von der Leyen saw a need to catch up in the joint cooperation on health security – not only with regard to the current Corona crisis. “So far, the US has not wanted to get involved in this issue,” she said. “I very much hope that this will change under the newly elected president.”

+++ 22:02 Trump accuses pharmaceutical companies of deliberate delay in vaccines +++
Donald Trump has accused the pharmaceutical company Pfizer of deliberately delaying the publication of data on its future corona vaccine in order to harm it in the election. “Pfizer and others have even decided not to test the results of their vaccines, in other words, don’t put a vaccine out right after the election,” said Trump. “They waited and waited and waited.”

Originally, the pharmaceutical companies wanted to present their data in October, said Trump. “But they decided to postpone it.” The reason are his plans to lower drug costs, said Trump. He had thus turned the pharmaceutical industry against him.

If the pharmaceutical companies had announced their good results on the effectiveness of their vaccine candidates before the presidential election on November 3, it would have “probably had an impact” on the election, Trump said. At the same time, he claimed again that in reality he had won the election anyway.

Trump said the pharmaceutical lobby had already spent “millions of dollars” on advertising against him during the election campaign. “We had Big Pharma against us.” He spoke of “corrupt games”.

+++ 21:04 Trump: “I won” +++
Donald Trump holds a press briefing on the corona pandemic. His central statements: 1. He won the presidential election 2. The US pharmaceutical company Pfizer deliberately published the positive vaccine news after the elections in order to harm him.

Trump doesn’t answer questions. The performance ends after a short time.

+++ 20:43 Trump refuses to cooperate, Biden has to ask for donations +++
In the US, preparations for a change of power usually begin immediately after the election of a new president – but this time it is different. The responsible authority GSA refuses to give Biden’s transition team the green light to work with government agencies. This means that it has no access to ministries and authorities – and cannot fall back on the necessary infrastructure.

The Biden team is now asking for donations to help fund the transition.

+++ 20:12 Yellen as finance minister in conversation +++
Joe Biden is committed to who he will entrust the Treasury to in his future administration. “We made that decision,” said Biden. Both the moderate and the left wing of the Democratic Party will be satisfied with the election. According to Fox News, one of the most promising candidates for the post of finance minister is a woman who is not only known to the financial markets: Janet Yellen, former head of the US Federal Reserve.

Read what happened in the US election ticker here.

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