US election live ticker: +++ 06:40 Republicans call for boycott of their own candidates in Senate fate election +++

In the fight for the by-election in the state of Georgia, which could potentially be decisive for the Senate majority, conservative voters are increasingly calling for a boycott of the vote. As an alleged means and in protest against alleged election fraud, plans are making the rounds, especially on Twitter, to simply write “Donald Trump” on the ballot paper on January 6th instead of the names of the Republican Senate candidates. This is reported by the “Independent”, among others. Under the trending hashtag #WriteInTrumpForGA, the false claim was made that this could help with votes in the presidential election.

The by-election is of fundamental importance as two Senate seats are up for a vote after no candidate received the 50 percent of the votes required by the state in the first round (parallel to the presidential election). If the democratic challengers prevail in both by-elections, they would reach a tie in the Senate. In the event of a tie, Boden’s Vice President Harris would have the casting vote – an effective majority for the Democrats.

+++ 06:04 USA sanction Chinese and Russian companies +++
The US has announced economic sanctions against Chinese and Russian companies for participating in the development of the Iranian nuclear program. “We will continue to work to hinder Iran’s efforts to develop missiles and to make use of our sanctions options,” said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The sanctions are directed against the two China-based companies “Chengdu Best New Materials” and “Zibo Elim Trade” as well as against the Russia-based companies “Nilco Group” and “Joint Stock Company Elecon”. The four companies are accused of having provided “sensitive technologies” for the Iranian nuclear program. In return, according to Pompeo, they will be subject to restrictions on US government aid and their exports for two years.

+++ 03:49 USA allow further execution methods at the federal level +++
In addition to lethal injection, the US government wants to allow other methods of execution such as shootings, the electric chair or the use of deadly gas. This emerges from the amendment to a provision for the execution of the death penalty for offenders convicted at the federal level. From December 24th, executions should be carried out using all execution methods that are legal in the state in which the sentence was given.

It was initially unclear whether the Justice Department of incumbent President Donald Trump actually planned to change the previous practice of lethal injection. The department is planning several more federal executions of convicted criminals until President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated on Jan. 20. The Democrat Biden rejects the death penalty. Republican Trump had enforced the reintroduction of executions at the federal level.

+++ 02:02 Iran warns the USA of “adventure actions” in Trump’s remaining term of office +++
Iran warns the US and Israel against “adventure actions” in the remaining term of office of the outgoing US President Donald Trump. Iran will take “all necessary measures” in its defense, underlined the Iranian UN Ambassador Majid Tacht Rawanchi in a letter to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. In it, Tehran blames Israel for the fatal attack on a prominent Iranian nuclear scientist. There are “serious indications” that Israel was responsible for the killing of Mohsen Fachrisadeh, a letter said.

+++ 00:03 For the first time a US Secretary of Defense visits troops in Somalia +++
A novelty in the last few meters: For the first time, a US Secretary of Defense has visited the troops in Somalia, a country with civil war in Africa. The executive department head Christopher Miller was on the occasion of the US holiday Thanksgiving (harvest festival) in Mogadishu, said the Pentagon. There was no information on when exactly Miller was in Somalia. The USA supports the Somali government and the local security forces in the fight against the Sunni terror group Al-Shabaab. According to consistent US media reports, the administration of incumbent President Donald Trump is planning to withdraw almost all of the approximately 700 soldiers stationed in Somalia. The news channel CNN reported that the reduction of troops could be announced in the coming days.

+++ 22:16 A semi-orderly transition is emerging – gold price is falling +++
The gold price continues to decline, falling below the $ 1,800 mark. The lowest point was $ 1,774. That is the lowest level since July this year. One of the reasons: The crisis metal gold is more in demand in uncertain times. And in the USA there is a growing trend towards a more or less orderly transition from Donald Trump to the elected new President Joe Biden. This will strengthen confidence in the world’s largest economy, the USA, and allow investors to look to the next year with more confidence.

+++ 21:30 Trump lawyers want to go to the Supreme Court +++
In the dispute over the outcome of the US election, President Donald Trump’s team has announced an appeal to the Supreme Court. A federal appeals court had previously dismissed the team’s motion related to the Pennsylvania vote. “On to SCOTUS!” A Trump attorney wrote on behalf of her colleague Rudy Giuliani – referring to the abbreviation for the US Supreme Court. It is unclear whether this will accept the case. Experts give the lawsuit little chance of success.

+++ 20:26 Trump lawyer complains about judges +++
A Trump attorney, Jenna Ellis, is unhappy with the Pennsylvania appeals court defeat for alleged election fraud. She complained on Twitter about the “activist machinery of justice in Pennsylvania”. This continues to cover up massive allegations of fraud. Now they want to call the Supreme Court in Washington, she continued.

The judge was installed by Trump in 2017.

“Calling an election unfair does not make the election unfair. Complaints require specific allegations and then evidence. Here we have neither,” said judge Stephanos Bibas. “Free and fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy”

+++ 19:32 Trump’s team suffers defeat in Pennsylvania +++
A US federal court has rejected Donald Trump’s attorneys’ appeal. This failed her attempt to have numerous votes in Pennsylvania invalidated. “Voters, not lawyers, decide who becomes president,” said the judge who was appointed by Trump.

Joe Biden had prevailed in the state and won 20 voters. Trump claims the election was rigged. Neither he nor his lawyers provided evidence of this.

Courts have already thrown numerous lawsuits from Trump and his Republican allies, including in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada. Even with an appeal to the Supreme Court, in which six of the nine judges are considered conservative, Trump is unlikely to be successful in view of the facts.

The most recent lawsuit in Pennsylvania sought to have millions of postal votes invalidated with allegations of fraud

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