US election live ticker: +++ 07:27 Insider: Trump is creating chaos worldwide just to harm Biden +++


Analysts in the USA see Donald Trump’s recently accelerated aggressive appearance in several international conflict regions as an attempt to harm his designated successor, Joe Biden. A government official told CNN the goal is to corner Biden by causing Trump’s team to light more fires than Biden can put out. The most conspicuous example of the last few days is the hasty withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, which has been forced over the last few meters, which is likely to leave instability in the region, writes CNN. In addition, the White House has asked the newly installed Defense Minister Christopher Miller to direct an increased focus on cyber and asymmetric wars, with a focus on China, in the remaining weeks. In addition, a new terror classification is to be made for Yemen, which is likely to hinder peace processes in the region and the recently announced, huge arms deal with Saudi Arabia is likely to change the balance of power in the Middle East. However, analysts also see the possibility that Trump is harming himself with it. Undoing the aggressive snap shots could easily bring Biden popular points of approval.

Other observers see Trump’s actions as an attempt to position himself for an election in 2024 by implementing some election promises at the last minute.

+++ 06:43 “Bling, women, money”: Obama blames rap music for Trump’s rise +++
In an interview, former US President Barack Obama blamed rap music for the fact that Donald Trump was able to become so popular. In an interview with “The Atlantic”, the Democrat stated that US pop culture had provided a reason for populism and its rise was announced in it – but that he overlooked this at the time. He cited rap music as an example, in which everything revolves around “the bling, the women, the money”. Many rap videos used the same “standards of what it means to be successful as Donald Trump.” At some point it seeps through into society. He also cited TV shows (namely “Lifestyles often he Rich and Famous”) as examples of this cultural consolidation. America has always had a class system, but it wasn’t so “in your face” in its youth. Shows like this would have spread the image, “Either you have it or you’re a loser.”

Obama also gave an interview to RTL / ntv and Stern journalists Peter Kloeppel and Jan Christoph Wiechmann, which you can read here.

+++ 06:02 Republicans surprisingly give up blockade in a crucial district +++
The responsible body in Michigan’s largest constituency has, after a temporary blockade, completely surprisingly officially confirmed the election result for Wayne County, as US media report. The four officials ultimately certified the count unanimously after the two Republicans had previously vetoed a stalemate on the committee and caused a sensation with the subsequent blockade. The Republicans had given as justification that there had been reports of irregularities in Detroit – contrary to different assessments not only by Democrats, but also by impartial experts. In the affected district of Wayne County alone, Joe Biden won by a margin of 322,000 votes over Donald Trump, in the entire state of Michigan his lead is 148,000 votes. The Trump-praised blockade of the Republicans should tip the result in favor of the incumbent.

+++ 03:53 Is Giuliani asking for $ 20,000 a day? +++
That’s a chunk of money: Rudolph W. Giuliani allegedly charges $ 20,000 a day for his legal work, reports the New York Times, citing several informed people. The 76-year-old denies this when asked: “The agreement is that we will work this out in the end.” Whoever said they were charging $ 20,000 a day “is a liar, a complete liar”. The former New York mayor is Trump’s legal advisor. After his electoral defeat, he coordinated the numerous legal actions – albeit unsuccessfully.

+++ 02:24 Trump supporters block election result in Michigan +++
In Detroit, Michigan, some Trump supporters are trying to prevent Democratic rival Joe Biden from winning the election. Two Republican politicians supported the elected president with a blockade. They prevented the confirmation of the results of their Wayne County district, American media report that they want to reverse Biden’s 150,000-vote victory. The two Republicans justified their blockade on the fact that the election books do not exactly match the number of votes counted.

+++ 01:46 Contradiction in alleged election fraud: Trump fires the head of the authorities +++
The incumbent US President Donald Trump fires the head of the cybersecurity agency of the Department of Homeland Security. Chris Krebs’ statement that the presidential election had not been manipulated was “highly inaccurate,” wrote Trump on Twitter. There were “massive irregularities” and the deceased cast their votes, Trump claimed. Cancer was therefore released “with immediate effect,” he wrote. Krebs and other leading representatives of US authorities had rejected Trump’s ongoing allegations in a joint statement – of course without naming the president. “The November 3rd election was the safest in American history,” the statement said. They pointed out that the vote had not been tampered with through the use of computer software. “There is no evidence that a voting system has deleted or changed votes – or has been compromised in any way,” said the statement with the Association of State Election Officers.

Read more about this here.

+++ 00:50 Trump’s candidate for the US Federal Reserve fails +++
The confirmation of the controversial economist Judy Shelton for a seat on the board of directors of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) has for the time being failed in the Senate. The Republicans just missed the majority in the House of Representatives to promote Shelton, who was nominated by incumbent US President Donald Trump. With a trick of the procedure, the Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell enabled a new vote at a later date. Republicans actually have a slim majority in the Senate. However, three of them had previously stated that they would vote against Shelton. The vote on the further nomination process – also because of absences – ultimately ended with 50 to 47 against Shelton. Most recently, she worked in a senior position for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Technically, Shelton attracted attention through unusual positions. She takes the view, for example, that the international monetary system should return to a system of gold backing.

+++ 23:41 Dean has to resign after anti-Biden comment +++
An angry comment on Facebook denouncing Joe Biden’s supporters as “ignorant, anti-American and anti-Christian” has cost Virginia Wesleyan University economics professor and dean Paul Ewell his job. Ewell offered his resignation last week and the university accepted, according to a statement from the university administration. Ewell had posted the abuse on Facebook after the election and urged all Democrats and Biden supporters to “unfriend” him. “I have standards and you are not met. Please move away!” He wrote. And further: “You have corrupted our country.” The post had caused outrage not only among university students. Donald Trump, who shared the post, had ensured the distribution. Ewell himself later apologized.

+++ 22:29 “Big Victory” revised: Court failure for Trump +++
In their numerous attempts to challenge or delay election results in various states, President Trump and the Republicans have suffered yet another defeat. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that local polling officers can determine where election monitors are located. A different judgment of the lower court, now revised by the court, had described Trump as a “great victory”.

The allegation that Republican representatives were prevented from observing the election by prescribing too great a distance had been brought forward in several proceedings and played an important role in the story of the great electoral fraud, which Trump himself repeatedly put forward on Twitter.

+++ 22:09 with a casual fist check: Trump-loyal senators congratulate Harris +++
The scene is attracting attention in the US media: Several Republican senators, who are considered loyal Trump supporters and who do not publicly admit his electoral defeat, have warmly congratulated the Senate Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris. Agitator Lindsey Graham, who is considered to be Trump’s closest confidante among MPs recently, casually greeted Harris fist against fist.

Read what happened in the US election ticker here.

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