US election live ticker: +++ 11:04 What is Ivanka and Jared Kushner now? +++


The US press “worries” apparently about the further fortunes of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, who – unlike Donald Trump, who has since moved his main residence to Florida – are still at home in New York. Because the President was not exactly squeamish with New York, especially when it comes to the metropolis’ corona policy, the Trump family is no longer welcome there, reports CNN. Before Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner hired White House consultants, they were part of New York high society, attending the Met Gala and the Vanity Fair party at the Tribeca Film Festival every year. “Now just come back, after everything that has been said, it will not work,” the broadcaster quoted an Upper Eastside resident as saying.

+++ 10:37 Trump supporters demand arrest for election workers +++
Not only in Washington, but also in Michigan, several hundred Trump supporters took to the streets to demonstrate against the election of their president. They gathered in front of the Lansing Capitol, raised Trump flags and shouted “Stop the Steal” – a slogan that refers to the president’s unsubstantiated claims that his election victory was stolen. Occasionally, demonstrators even called for the election workers to be locked up who had counted the votes. “We will not hand over our votes to Joe Biden without a fight,” said Brandon Hall, one of the initiators of the demo. Some supporters prayed for Trump.

A protester holds up a sign demanding the arrest of election workers.

(Photo: REUTERS)

+++ 10:11 Next bankruptcy for Trump – protection for “Dreamer” remains +++
Next setback for the president: A court in New York lifts Trump’s restrictions on the protection of children of illegal immigrants – the “Dreamers”. This affects more than 700,000 children in the United States. However, the judge does not assume any errors in content, but rather formal ones: Chad Wolf, the incumbent Minister of Homeland Security, had not yet been legally in this office at the time of the decree in July. The correct procedure for filling the ministerial post had not been followed. Trump had actually wanted to cancel the “Dreamer” program completely, but failed at the US Supreme Court.

+++ 09:58 report: Biden’s cancer foundation hardly gives any money for research +++
Donald Trump also shared this article – just as if it was still an election campaign. According to a report in the New York Post, Joe Biden’s cancer foundation, The Biden Cancer Initiative, spent more money paying its employees than it did on actual research. That emerges from the tax documents of the foundation. Accordingly, the initiative, founded in 2017, took in around $ 4.8 million over the course of two years, of which 3.1 million was accounted for by personnel costs. The head of the foundation, Gregory Simon, earned just under $ 430,000 in 2018. After his managerial career at the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, Simon worked as a lobbyist for the health industry for many years.

+++ 09:36 Texas’ governor still sees a chance of victory for Trump +++
Texas Governor Dan Patrick is a huge supporter of the President. And he still has hope for a second term in office for Donald Trump, as he explained to Fox News in an interview. In it, he describes a possible scenario of how Trump could still win. “In Georgia and Arizona, Biden and Trump share less than 30,000 votes,” said the Republican. “If the result in these two states still turns, then the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania could bring the decision. And then Trump would be President.” In Georgia, because of the tight result, counting is done again by hand. Lawsuits are currently pending in Arizona against the result.

+++ 09:02 Trump’s foreign ministers expect “embarrassing encounters” +++
While Trump wants to continue fighting for office in Washington, his secretary of state has embarked on a ten-day trip which, as many commentators expected, will likely lead to “embarrassing” encounters. First, Mike Pompeo arrived in France, where he will speak to President Emmanuel Macron on Monday. Then Turkey, Georgia, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are on the program. While Pompeo has not yet recognized Trump’s electoral defeat and refuses to work with his ministry to prepare a handover to the incoming President Biden, all the heads of state and government of the countries he is now visiting have already congratulated Biden on the victory and are trying to establish relations with him Team to socialize. According to reports, mail from abroad to the elected new president is being stored in the Pompeos ministry, but it is not being forwarded. The destination of Pompeos Tour remains largely unclear.

+++ 08:10 Trump rages against human “garbage” and “scrap” +++
In a series of tweets, the outgoing president attributes the violent clashes in Washington after the demonstration by thousands of Trump supporters to the opposing camp and does not hold back in his expression. Among other things, he writes of “left-wing antifa scum” and “human left-wing radical garbage”. The “mainstream” press also denounced the president as an “enemy of the people” and shared several articles from the media such as the Washington Post, the New York Post and Fox News. In total, the president, who allegedly was unable to attend the virtual ASEAN summit because he was officially prevented from attending, posted almost two dozen tweets in the past twelve hours.

+++ 07:32 “All wars must end” – New defense minister indicates troop withdrawal +++
The new, acting US Secretary of Defense, Christopher Miller, has signaled in a memo that he could use the Trump administration’s last few weeks to withdraw US troops in large numbers from Afghanistan and the Middle East. “All wars must come to an end. Ending wars requires compromises and partnerships. We have overcome the challenge,” the memo says. And further: “Now is the time to come home.” The previous defense minister and high-ranking employees in the defense ministry and the armed forces had warned against an immediate, unilateral withdrawal of all troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, which Trump himself had repeatedly brought into play. This could further destabilize the region and endanger the interests of the US and its allies.

+++ 06:36 man seriously injured with knife wounds after Trump demo +++
According to the US media, a man was seriously injured by knife wounds in outbreaks of violence in Washington after the demonstration by thousands of Trump supporters. The victim was taken to a hospital. The police have not yet released any information about the alleged perpetrator, but confirmed that the act was related to a conflict after the demonstration. The “Million MAGA March” organized by Trump supporters was initially peaceful – with significantly fewer participants than expected. In the evening and night, however, there were violent clashes between pro and anti-Trump demonstrators in Washington.

+++ 05:39 Trump: Giuliani should cite lawsuits against election results +++
After setbacks in his lawsuits against the result of the presidential election, Donald Trump turns to his longtime lawyer and confidante Rudy Giuliani. The former New York mayor should lead the legal effort, tweeted Trump. Trump’s campaign advisor David Bossie, who was previously hired to do so, is unable to act due to a coronavirus infection. Giuliani is a loyal companion of Trump, but has already got him into trouble several times. He was a central figure in the Ukraine affair that sparked impeachment proceedings against Trump.

+++ 04:25 Trump fans and opponents clash at the demo +++
After demonstrations for another term of office of Donald Trump, there are isolated brawls in Washington. Supporters and opponents of Trump clash violently. The event is called “Million MAGA March”, based on Trump’s campaign motto “Make America Great Again”. His spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany speaks of a million participants on Twitter, while observers and media assessments range from a few thousand to a good 10,000. Trump had already started his term in office by exaggerating the number of participants when he was inaugurated in January 2017.

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+++ 02:12 Altmaier sees an upturn in American-European trade +++ with Biden
After Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election, Federal Economics Minister Peter Altmaier expects an upturn in trade between Europe and America. “American-European trade will experience a renaissance from spring 2021, when the new US cabinet is in place,” says the CDU politician of “Bild am Sonntag”. “The trade conflicts that arose during the tenure of (US President Donald) Trump are costing us growth every year. I am optimistic that, with President Joe Biden, we will be able to resolve these conflicts and take the lead on climate protection.”

+++ 00:50 Trump speaks of “hundreds of thousands” demonstrators – and exaggerates excessively +++
Around 10,000 supporters of the incumbent US President Donald Trump are demonstrating against his election at the moment. Trump writes on Twitter that “hundreds of thousands” of protesters took to the streets in Washington for him. His spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany even claims that there were more than a million participants, which is obviously grossly exaggerated. Read more about this here.

+++ 23:25 Republican governors are now pulling the ripcord in the corona chaos +++
While President Donald Trump is categorically ruling out a lockdown despite the escalation of the corona crisis in the United States, Republican governors are now also taking measures to contain the pandemic. So far they had blocked it. In North Dakota, Governor Doug Burgum has mask requirements and restrictions on restaurants. In West Virginia, Governor Jim Justice orders that masks must be worn in closed public spaces from now on. “This thing is a massive, massive killer,” Justice writes of the virus. Read more about this here.

+++ 21:13 Newly elected QAnon supporter visits the White House +++
A group of Republicans elected to the House of Representatives in the presidential election visited the White House. This is evident from several posts on social media. The group also included Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is known as a supporter of the QAnon conspiracy group. CNN reports that the new MPs got a tour of the White House but did not meet President Donald Trump.

+++ 20:07 Pelosi cancels dinner party for newcomers in the Capitol +++
Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic chairman of the House of Representatives, should know that now is not the time for big gatherings, given her long political experience and the US Corona numbers. But far from it, she still wanted to greet the MPs who were elected to Congress as part of the presidential election with a dinner party in Washington on Friday evening. After a reporter from TV station NBC posted a photo of the preparations on Twitter, there was the expected shit storm. Many people got upset that the political elite were celebrating at the Capitol while being told that there might be no Thanksgiving with the families this year. A little later, Pelosi canceled the party. From their office it is now said that the new MPs have to pick up the dinner and take it home.

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