US judge overturns assault rifle ban in California

US judge overturns assault rifle ban in California

Assault rifles have been banned in California for decades. Now a judge has declared the ban unconstitutional. Citizens have a right to own such weapons.

A US judge has overturned a more than 30 year ban on assault rifles in California. In his 94-page verdict, federal judge Roger T Benitez stated that the 1989 ban was unconstitutional. US citizens have the right to own semi-automatic firearms. California Governor Gavin Newsom called the decision a “direct threat to public safety” and announced an appeal.

The AR-15 rifle, popular with US citizens, is a “perfect combination of a domestic defense weapon and homeland security defense equipment,” wrote Benitez. In this respect the rifle resembles “the Swiss Army Knife”. “Guns and ammunition in the hands of criminals, tyrants and terrorists are dangerous – guns in the hands of law-abiding, responsible citizens are better,” he added.

Democrats: “Will continue to advocate sound gun laws”

The state of California now has 30 days to appeal the decision. Governor Newsom of the Democrats announced that he would fight for the ban to be upheld. “We will not back down in this fight, and we will continue to advocate sound gun laws that save lives,” he said.

Regular firearm attacks repeatedly spark heated debates over gun law in the United States. It was only at the end of May that a man opened fire in a tram depot in San José, California, killing nine people.

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