US judge overturns Donald Trump’s measures to abolish “Dreamer”


For years US President Trump fought against the “Dreamer” program of his predecessor Barack Obama – and suffered several setbacks. Now a court has made a decision.

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The outgoing US administration of President Donald Trump has to fully reinstate the so-called “Dreamer” program to protect illegal immigrants from deportation after a court ruling. The government must allow all eligible immigrant children to apply for the program, judge Nicholas Garaufis of the Brooklyn District Court ruled on Friday (local time). Trump has already suffered several legal defeats in the dispute over the program introduced by former President Barack Obama.

700,000 people received protection from deportation

Obama introduced the program by decree in 2012 to protect children of illegal immigrants who are known as “Dreamer” from deportation. As part of the program, also known as Daca, around 700,000 people received deportation protection that is renewable for two years and also includes a work permit in the USA.

As part of his campaign against illegal immigration, Trump announced the abolition of the program after taking office in 2017. In the summer of this year, the president suffered a defeat before the Supreme Court. The judges in Washington confirmed the protection against deportation for the approximately 700,000 “Dreamer” and declared the cancellation of the program to be illegal.

New applications for the program can no longer be made

As a result, the Ministry of Homeland Security, which is responsible for immigrants, issued restrictions, according to which new applications for the program can no longer be submitted and the residence permit of participants in the program can only be extended by one year instead of the previous two years. Following the court ruling on Friday, the ministry now has until Monday to announce the full reintroduction of the program on its website.

The Center for American Progress research institute in Washington estimates that the court decision could benefit around 300,000 people who could now apply to participate in the Daca program. President-elect Joe Biden had already announced in the election campaign that the program would be completely reintroduced.

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