Trump administration announces price cuts for prescription drugs
prescription drugsUS NEWS
New rules to import a number of drugs from Canada US President Donald Trump, together with the Department of Health and Welfare and the Food and Drug Administration
Republican Senators Save Trump from Impeachment
Republican SenatorsUS NEWS
Even if the House of Representatives, led by Democrats, impeaches the president, senators will most likely not allow Donald Trump to be removed from power
Secretary General Pompeo announces sanctions against Ortega regime in Nicaragua
Secretary GeneralUS NEWS
Financial sanctions were imposed on Rafael Ortega, the son of a Nicaraguan leader, and three companies controlled by the ruling family The United States
House Legal Committee: Impeachment hearings
Impeachment hearingsUS NEWS
Lawmakers evaluate findings of colleagues from the Intelligence Committee Three constitutional law experts told congressmen on Wednesday that U.
Trump will receive Lavrov in Washington
Secretary of State Pompeo to hold talks with Russian Foreign Minister US President Donald Trump will meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on
Schiff on trump’s prosecution strategy
The head of the Intelligence Committee called for the prosecution to focus on the items that have the most evidence The head of the House Intelligence
Legal Committee names constitutional grounds for impeachment of president
Jerry NadlerUS NEWS
The committee has issued an updated version of the guide for lawmakers on the grounds sufficient to remove the president from power The Legal Committee
Trump hopes the economy eclipses other topics in the 2020 elections
2020 electionsUS NEWS
Economists and political analysts disagree on whether this slogan will help Trump. As the senior editor and economist of the Mises Institute, Ryan McMaker
US unemployment rate drops to record 3.5% in November
unemploymentUS NEWS
Last month, more than 266 thousand new jobs were created in the country According to the US Department of Labor, last month more than 266 thousand jobs
Kerry supported Biden in the 2020 election
Biden in the 2020 electionUS NEWS
The former Secretary of State noted the rich foreign policy experience of the former vice president Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who ran