Michael BloombergUS NEWS
President Trump criticized Democrat Michael Bloomberg
Despite the fact that Bloomberg is not involved in the passing primaries, Trump sees him as a serious opponent While voters in New Hampshire went to the
pelosiUS NEWS
Trump: Pelosi “broke the law” by breaking the text of the presidential speech
Experts doubt that the president will be able to punish the speaker President Donald Trump said that the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy
nails design 2020US NEWS
Simple nails – 50 fingernails pictures for every occasion
Simple nails for special moments You have so many beautiful things to do in this world! If you didn’t have to work, you could do so many great things every day!
Impeachment Senate vote: President Trump acquitted
Donald Trump remains as president of the United States, the Democrats did not get the required two-thirds of the votes in the upper house of Congress The
President Uhuru KenyatuUS NEWS
Trump receives Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatu
The interlocutors are expected to discuss the conclusion of a free trade agreement. US President Donald Trump on Thursday meets with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyata.
Impeachment caseUS NEWS
Impeachment case: final arguments of the parties
On Tuesday, President Trump will make a report on the situation in the country in Congress On Monday, senators hear the final arguments of the parties
Manicure gel polish
Beautiful manicure is a necessary attribute of the well-groomed hands of each girl. In addition, for many, manicure is crucial in creating a stylish image.
epidemic of coronavirusUS NEWS
US organizes the removal of Americans from Chinese Wuhan in connection with the epidemic of coronavirus
Around the world, more than 1,400 people are already infected with the mysterious virus The United States is organizing a charter flight on Sunday to take
Impeachment in SenateUS NEWS
Impeachment in Senate: Democrats complete submission of charges against Trump
Representatives of the Democratic Party demand to remove the president from power due to abuse of power and obstruction to Congress On Friday afternoon
Senator KennedyUS NEWS
Senator Kennedy: There are different options for conducting impeachment proceedings
According to him, the chamber may decide to call witnesses Republican Senator John F. Kennedy, often in support of President Donald Trump, said on Sunday