Trump hopes the economy eclipses other topics in the 2020 elections
2020 electionsUS NEWS
Economists and political analysts disagree on whether this slogan will help Trump. As the senior editor and economist of the Mises Institute, Ryan McMaker
US unemployment rate drops to record 3.5% in November
unemploymentUS NEWS
Last month, more than 266 thousand new jobs were created in the country According to the US Department of Labor, last month more than 266 thousand jobs
Kerry supported Biden in the 2020 election
Biden in the 2020 electionUS NEWS
The former Secretary of State noted the rich foreign policy experience of the former vice president Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who ran
Trump’s impeachment procedure passed to the Legal Committee of the House of Representatives
Trump's impeachmentUS NEWS
The Democrats-led committee will consider drafting impeachment articles and putting them to the vote of the entire house WASHINGTON –
Trump called the impeachment report “a laughing stock”
President says impeachment rallies rallies Republicans US President Donald Trump on Wednesday called the Democrats report on impeachment “ridicule” and
Donald Trump takes credit for strengthening NATO
Donald TrumpUS NEWS
According to the President of the United States, the alliance was able to strengthen due to his demand to increase the defense budgets of the allied countries
Case of Paul Whelan: Russian Foreign Ministry accuses former Marine of “simulating”
Case of Paul WhelanUS NEWS
The US Embassy in Russia called the statement of Russian diplomats “fiction” The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a “revelatory” statement regarding the
Trump and Erdogan held talks on the sidelines of the NATO summit
Trump and ErdoganUS NEWS
The interlocutors discussed regional security and the development of bilateral trade. US President Donald Trump on Wednesday met with Turkish President