US Olympic Committee Allowed Athletes To Protest In Qualifying Events


American athletes competing in pre-Olympics qualifiers may protest, the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee said.

Permissible protests include dropping to one knee or raising a clenched fist on a pedestal or at the starting line while singing the national anthem.

The committee published a detailed document describing the range of ways athletes can use to advocate for racial or social justice.

At the same time, he drew a line beyond which there are unacceptable ways, including wearing a headdress or mask with symbols of hatred or hate speech.

In an open letter to American athletes, committee chair Sarah Hirschland said the organization “values ​​the voices of athletes and believes that their right to advocate for racial and social justice as a positive force for change is consistent with the fundamental values ​​of equality that define the American national team. Olympic and Paralympic Movement “.

The US Olympic and Paralympic Committee has made it clear that these rules apply only to qualifying events and not to the Tokyo Olympics, which opens on July 23rd.

The International Olympic Committee has its own rules, one of which prohibits protests and demonstrations.

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