US postmaster general to postpone reforms until elections are over

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The decision was made against the background of harsh criticism of the planned initiatives

US Postmaster General Louis Dejoy on Tuesday will announce the suspension of all planned reforms and initiatives until the presidential election. This became known from the draft text of his statement, which was reviewed by Reuters, and from the words of sources close to the case.

“I am postponing these initiatives until the end of the elections,” the text says. In his statement, Dejoy also explains that this decision was made in order to avoid any influence on the voting by mail, and even the appearance of such influence.

The US Postal Service has yet to comment.

Dejoy will also announce that service hours in the postal changes will not be changed, mailboxes will remain in place, and no mailing centers will be closed.

In addition, it is planned to expand the working group on voting by mail to include representatives of postal trade unions.

According to sources close to the case, the decision came after a lengthy telephone meeting with the Postal Service’s board of governors on Monday evening.

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