US President falls for satire articles

US President falls for satire articles

Total shutdown on Twitter? To stop an article from spreading? A US satirical portal spread this hoax on Friday – and Donald Trump promptly believed it.

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US President Donald Trump fell for a satirical article on Friday, after which Twitter was shut down completely to stop the distribution of a negative report about his challenger Joe Biden. “Wow, that has never happened in history,” Trump commented in a tweet during his morning Twitter activity. “Draws more attention to the sleepy Joe and Big T.” By “Big T” he probably meant “Big Tech”, the big technology companies that Trump and other Republicans accuse of suppressing conservative views.

Satire-Website “Babylon Bee”

Trump linked in his tweet to a report on the satire website “Babylon Bee”, which dealt with the brief Twitter outage on Friday night. It said, among other things, that Twitter boss Jack Dorsey had tried to demolish the servers with a sledgehammer. The satire followed on from events on Wednesday: Twitter blocked links to an article in the New York Post that allegedly reported an email from Biden’s son Hunter. The online service justified the procedure with the fact that documents with personal data such as e-mail addresses were also shown in the report.

The tweet came a day after Trump had to defend his Twitter activity at a televised question time with voters. Moderator Savannah Guthrie spoke to him on his retweet claiming that US soldiers only killed the doppelganger of top terrorist Osama bin Laden. Trump pointed out that this was just a retweet and that everyone could form their own opinion. Guthrie countered, “You are the President, you are not anyone’s crazy uncle.”

Meanwhile, the “Babylon Bee” provided Trump with material for the next article. “President Trump declares the Babylon Bee his most trusted news source,” the website announced on Friday.

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