US President gives up resistance: Trump approves gigantic corona aid


US President gives up resistance
Trump approves gigantic corona aid

For a long time he has been blocking it – now Donald Trump is giving up his resistance: With his signature, the US President puts into effect the billion-dollar economic stimulus program against the Corona crisis that was developed by Democrats and Republicans.

The incumbent US President Donald Trump has signed off the new aid program against the Corona crisis. As the White House announced, Trump put his signature on the bill. Previously, the US President had blocked the package of measures approved by Congress in a non-partisan manner, with a volume of around 900 billion dollars, 740 billion euros.

Trump also reportedly signed a new transitional budget, which his Republicans and the opposition Democrats launched together with the Corona aid package. This avoids a shutdown by federal authorities that threatened from Monday at midnight (local time).

Trump had justified his temporary resistance to the new Corona aid package mainly because the special payments in the form of checks to the citizens were too low. The new package of measures was agreed after months of tough negotiations between Republicans and Democrats and passed by the House and Senate last Monday.

The new aid program complements previous measures against the economic and social consequences of the pandemic. The US Congress had already launched a gigantic economic stimulus program in March. At $ 2.2 trillion, it was the largest aid package in US history. Funding was topped up in April with another aid program.

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