US President Joe Biden and Republicans fight over infrastructure program

US President Joe Biden and Republicans fight over infrastructure program

American President Joe Biden has to keep fighting for his infrastructure improvement program. He rejected a proposal from the Republicans.

US President Joe Biden has rejected a new proposal by the opposition to the planned billion dollar infrastructure program. The offer missed Biden’s goals, said President’s Office spokeswoman Jen Psaki on Friday in Washington. Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito had offered an increase of around $ 50 billion in an interview with Biden.

They want to hold new consultations on Monday. In May, in the face of fierce opposition resistance, Biden had reduced his proposed trillion dollar infrastructure program to $ 1.7 trillion from $ 2.25 trillion. The Republicans are only planning with around a billion dollars.

The infrastructure program is one of the central pillars of Biden’s strategy to sustainably boost the US economy after the Corona crisis and to make the country fit for the future. Among other things, it provides for investments in roads and bridges, but also in future technologies and climate protection. It should be financed through higher corporate taxes.

The Republicans reject the project as too expensive and comprehensive. Biden has to get the package through Congress. There, however, his Democrats only have a small majority.

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