US President Joe Biden “caught” by cicada

US President Joe Biden “caught” by cicada

The US capital Washington is currently fighting a cicada invasion. Not even the US president is safe. Before his flight to Europe, Joe Biden is attacked by the insects.

Not even the US president can escape the current cicada invasion in the region around the capital Washington: One of the insects landed on Joe Biden’s neck on Wednesday before he wanted to board Air Force One for Europe at the Andrews military base .

You can see the scene in the video above or here.

US media reported that accompanying journalists had to change planes because cicadas got stuck in the engines. The new plane then took off six and a half hours late.

Insects emerge on weather radar

Washington and other parts of the country in the east of the USA are currently the scene of a rare natural spectacle: Billions of Brut X (Roman ten) cicadas cavort there, which only appear every 17 years. They are notorious for their noise level, which can reach 90 decibels and more – comparable to that of a gasoline lawnmower. The males woo a female partner for reproduction with deafening chirping. The Washington Post reported that the cicada density was so high in the capital region that the insects appeared on the weather radar.

The brood X-cicadas dig themselves into the earth as nymphs (similar to the larvae in other insects), from which they only emerge after 17 years. They then molt and usually fly into trees to mate. The animals that have now appeared were thus conceived in the spring of 2004.

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