US President votes early: “I voted for guys named Trump”

US President votes early: “I voted for guys named Trump”

November 3rd is the official date for the US presidential election. But already more than 50 million Americans have cast their votes. The incumbent himself is one of them. But in contrast to ordinary citizens, Trump’s visit to a polling station in Florida is short-lived.

US President Donald Trump has made use of the opportunity to cast his vote early in the presidential election. Trump went to a polling station in a library in West Palm Beach, Florida in the morning (local time). “I voted for a guy named Trump,” he said afterwards on the television cameras. He then reiterated that voting in person was safer than postal voting.

Florida, where Trump has been officially resident for over a year, is one of the states that have their residents vote before the official election date on November 3rd. So far, more than 50 million people have cast their votes in polling stations or by letter. In the 2016 presidential election, almost 139 million Americans voted.

In view of the corona crisis, more people than usual are using the opportunity to vote early. After there have been concerns in recent months that ballot papers sent by letter might not arrive on time, many people have to wait for hours to vote in person.

Trump had joked during a campaign appearance in Florida the day before that he would also be in line for two hours. In fact, the Secret Service had secured the polling station hours before the arrival of the president, as reported by CNN. On TV pictures it could be seen that the street in front of it was completely cordoned off.

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