US presidential election: Congress session canceled after Trump’s call


Announcing the election results in the US Congress is actually a formality. But the Republicans are trying to torpedo them. The situation is spiraling out of control in front of the Capitol.

In the afternoon (local time) in the US Congress in Washington, the reading of the results of the presidential election, which formally recognized the victory of Joe Biden by the representatives, was interrupted. Before the meeting, the elected incumbent Donald Trump called on his deputy Mike Pence at a rally to overturn the result. The Vice President should intervene at the session of Parliament, Trump called on Wednesday in Washington.

“If Mike Pence does what is right, we will win the election,” Trump said in front of thousands of supporters. Pence should reject the results and send them back to the states, he said. However, the law only allows pence a ceremonial role at the session of Congress.

Trump had previously asked Pence via Twitter to campaign for the election victory he wanted at the session of Congress. According to media reports, the vice-president clearly rejected the request. Pence is said to have made it clear to Trump that he simply does not have the authority to do so, reports CNN. The “New York Times” had previously reported this. US President Trump described the information as incorrect. He and Pence agreed that he could take action against the result.

After Trump’s speech, thousands of demonstrators marched in front of the Capitol. There were scuffles between Trump supporters and the police. A few dozen protesters managed to break into the parliament building. The situation was initially confusing. Here you can read more about it.

Republican disruptions begin

In the early afternoon (local time), the joint session of the Chambers of Congress began with the reading of the results from the individual states. In the Arizona case, where Biden narrowly beat Trump, Republican Paul Gosar objected to the count. The meeting was then interrupted, the members of the Senate and House of Representatives withdrew to their respective chambers to discuss the objection.

The Democrat Joe Biden clearly prevailed against Trump in the November election and is due to be sworn in as the new US President on January 20. Trump, however, has been nurturing the legend among his supporters for weeks without evidence that he was deprived of a second term through massive election fraud. Dozens of Trump lawsuits have been thrown out by US courts.

Pence will chair the joint session of the two houses in Congress as President of the Senate. When the results are confirmed – usually a formality – several Republican senators and MPs plan a disruptive action. You have announced that you will contradict the election results of individual states and thus force a debate and votes in the two chambers.

The procedure is likely to delay the confirmation by hours, but ultimately cannot change the result. This would require a majority in both chambers of parliament – but Biden’s democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives.

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