US Secretary of State Blinken in Germany: “We have to cooperate”

US Secretary of State Blinken in Germany: “We have to cooperate”

In an interview, the new US Secretary of State affirmed that the US wants to work more closely with Germany. It is about topics such as China, the pandemic and climate change.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has reiterated his administration’s desire to work in partnership with other states. In an interview with “ARD Tagesthemen” on Thursday evening, Blinken said that Washington and Berlin agreed “that the challenges we and our citizens face every day can best be tackled if we explore ways of working together.”

Conversely, it is the case that “no country – neither the USA nor Germany – can single-handedly deal with the pandemic, with climate change and its consequences, and with the changes brought about by new technologies”. We have to cooperate – that is the common thrust of Germany and the USA. “

Blinken came to Berlin on Wednesday for his inaugural visit and met Chancellor Angela Merkel and Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. Under President Joe Biden, the USA is betting on a restart of German-American relations. Under his predecessor Donald Trump, the relationship between the two countries had plummeted to a low point.

Blinken: Pull together when dealing with China

In the discussion about the right way to deal with China, Blinken spoke out in favor of a common policy with the US partners. “There are areas where we are opposed; others where we compete with China and other areas where we cooperate.” No matter what the issue, “we will do better if we tackle China together,” he said.

Regarding the construction of the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline and the associated dispute with the German government, Blinken emphasized that it had to be ensured “that Russia cannot use this pipeline to put other states under pressure; that the Russians do not use this as a weapon can against Ukraine, other countries in Eastern Europe or even against Europe as a whole, because the pipeline unfortunately increases the dependency on Russian oil and gas “. He very much hopes to reach an agreement with his German colleagues in the coming weeks.

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