US threatens Taliban with air strikes

US threatens Taliban with air strikes

The Taliban are advancing further in Afghanistan and the security situation is deteriorating. US General Scott Miller is now threatening the Taliban with air strikes – should they not stop the violence.

The commander in chief of the remaining US forces in Afghanistan has threatened the advancing Taliban with air strikes. “What I would like to see are no air strikes, but to avoid air strikes you have to stop all violence,” General Scott Miller told reporters in Kabul on Tuesday. The Islamists would have to stop their offensive in numerous Afghan provinces.

Since the US began withdrawing troops from Afghanistan in early May, fighting has increased significantly, especially in rural areas. According to their own statements, the Taliban have conquered over 100 of the country’s 400 districts. Such claims by the Taliban are often denied by government officials and are difficult to verify.

The Taliban are on the rise

According to experts, one of the main reasons for the Islamists’ military successes is the lack of US air support for the Afghan ground forces. According to General Miller, the remaining US military in the Hindu Kush still has the capacity to carry out air strikes against the insurgents.

The US commander admitted that the loss of territory by the Afghan government troops had a negative impact on the general security situation in the Hindu Kush. The Taliban recently captured an important border crossing with Tajikistan in the north and other districts around the strategically important city of Kunduz. They have now circled almost all of the country’s major cities.

US President Joe Biden has announced a complete withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan by September 11th at the latest. The withdrawal of NATO troops has also been underway since the end of April. Observers fear that the Taliban could then take the capital Kabul.

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