US Vice in Guatemala: Kamala-Harris biscuits cause amazement

US Vice in Guatemala: Kamala-Harris biscuits cause amazement

On the trip to Guatemala, US Vice President Kamala Harris distributed biscuits to journalists in Air Force 2. The curious thing: the candy was baked in the shape of her own image.

US Vice President Kamala Harris is currently causing smiles on social networks. Harris had distributed biscuits to journalists present on her Air Force 2 trip to Guatemala. The curious thing: the pastry was shaped like a portrait of the White House – but without a face. That met with amazement on Twitter. A reporter for the US news site “USA Today” shared a photo of the cookie on Twitter.

Several Republicans took the opportunity to criticize the Democrat. Commenting on the biscuit, one MP wrote: “VP hands biscuits to the press with her face on, while the cartel makes hundreds of millions of dollars smuggling drugs and children across the southern border.”

During Harris’ trip to Guatemala and Mexico the focus is on the issues of migration and economic cooperation. US President Joe Biden has tasked Harris with taking the lead in curbing migration to the US.

Many other users took Harris under protection: “People lack context. These cookies were given by an African American company to the VP and she gave them to the press. A little context from the author of the tweet would have been nice,” wrote one user in the comment column under the tweet. Harris himself didn’t comment on the cookies.

Programs against the causes of flight announced

During her visit to Guatemala on Monday (local time) Harris emphasized the fight against corruption and people smuggling to curb illegal migration. It announced on Monday in Guatemala City the creation of US government working groups on both topics. To those contemplating making the dangerous journey to the US border, she said, “Don’t come.” Harris said that anyone who comes to the border will be rejected.

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