US Vice President in Guatemala: Harris Warns Migrants: Don’t Come!

US Vice President in Guatemala: Harris Warns Migrants: Don’t Come!

US Vice President in Guatemala

Harris warns migrants: don’t come!

Kamala Harris is currently in Guatemala, her first trip abroad as US Vice President. It is also about the fight against people smuggling to curb illegal migration. Harris warns those who considered venturing to the US border: Anyone who comes will be sent back.

During a visit to Guatemala, US Vice President Kamala Harris spoke out in favor of cooperation between the two countries on migration issues. The aim must be to combat the causes of flight in the Central American country and to find solutions to “longstanding problems,” said Harris at a meeting with President Alejandro Giammattei in Guatemala City. People must be given “a feeling of hope”. It must be prevented that they would be forced to flee to the USA because of the grievances in their country.

Harris warned residents of the poverty and violence ridden country not to enter the United States illegally. Anyone who tries to do this will be sent back at the border. To those contemplating making the dangerous journey to the US border, she said, “Don’t come.” The US would continue to enforce its laws and secure its border.

Joint working group

The US Vice President announced that she would set up a working group against smuggling and human trafficking together with Guatemala. In addition, a program to support women and cooperation in investigations against corruption are planned.

Harris was entrusted with migration policy by US President Joe Biden in March. Their mission is to tackle the root causes of illegal immigration. The subject will also be the focus of the second stop on her trip, when she meets with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Mexico on Tuesday.

Sensitive subject for the Biden government

Illegal immigration has become a sensitive issue for Biden’s government. In April alone, almost 180,000 people on the southern US border were prevented from entering the country without valid papers. The opposition Republicans accuse Biden of being responsible for a “crisis” on the southern border because he cannot contain immigration.

The arrival of tens of thousands of people, mainly from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, poses enormous challenges for the US authorities. They have great problems finding adequate accommodation for the migrants who have been arrested. Above all, there is concern about dealing with children and young people who are traveling without their parents.

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